Be warned, this post is definitely NSFV. That’s “not safe for vegetarians” in our book. And these gadgets are most certainly designed with the carnivore in mind. Whether you prefer to grill, roast, or cook on the stove, these cooking utensils will up your meat-cooking game. Sharpen those knives, and get ready to dig in.

Stuffed Hamburger Press

1. Stuffed Hamburger Press with Lifter ($14): Because sometimes a plain hamburger just won’t do. This press helps you make a burger stuffed with cheese, bacon, or anything else you can dream up.

Cyclone Spiral Slicer

2. Cyclone ($12): What is it about a spiral cut that just makes hot dogs and sausages so much better? Maybe it’s because the toppings can seep into the slices and boost the flavor to a new level.

Tre Spade Meat Grinder

3. Tre Spade Meat Grinder ($150): If you’re serious about sausage, it’s time to try your hand at making your own. Even if you’re not to that point yet, you can use this grinder to turn some of those lesser known cuts into meatballs, hamburgers, and more.

Microplane Meat Tenderizer

4. Microplane Meat Tenderizer ($20): Yes, this looks like a combination futuristic and medieval torture device, but we promise it’s just for making those steaks even juicier.

Rosle Digital Thermometer

5. Rosle Stainless-Steel Digital Oven and Meat Thermometer ($45): Whether you’re a professional cook or a novice, the handy settings on this meat thermometer will make sure your (insert favorite dish here) is cooked to perfection.

Nordicware 2-Sided Microwave Grill

6. Nordicware 2-Sided Microwavable Bacon/Meat Grill ($18): If you’re too pressed for time to fire up the grill or turn on the stove, reach for this grill that goes in the microwave.

Schmidt Brothers Vertical Roaster

7. Schmidt Brothers Vertical Roaster ($30): Class up your beer-can chicken with this vertical roaster. The center well holds beer, broth, or marinades, and the outer basket can grill your vegetables.

The Smoking Gun Hand-Held Food Smoker

8. The Smoking Gun Hand-Held Food Smoker ($99): Not just for meat, this smoker gives that distinct wood-charred flavor without any of the heat. So you can infuse your favorite bourbons, make smoky peaches, or add extra flavor to the steak you cooked on the stove.

Chef's Choice Electric Slicer

9. Chef’s Choice International Electric Food Slicer ($99): For the person who is really serious about freshly sliced deli meats, this will make the perfect gift. (And be sure you’re planning to be at their house for Thanksgiving this year, too.)

Grill Wrangler

10. Grill Wrangler ($38): These are no ordinary grilling tongs! Slide the button on the handle and out pops a fork to spear that steak.

Would you use any of these gadgets? Tell us in the comments!