Grilling meat is one thing. But when you grill veggies, it’s a total game changer. Not only do they gain a crisp exterior with a tender interior, but they develop a smokey flavor that plays oh-so-well with their natural sweetness. Needless to say, corn is hands down one of the BEST summer veggies you can grill. Whether you like to eat it on its own or toss it into a refreshing salad, these 12 recipes will make sure you don’t run out of ideas on how to use that grilled corn before summer fades.

1. Fiesta Summer Salad With Grilled Romaine: Romaine wedges are piled with grilled corn, grape tomatoes, creamy avocado, and crumbled tortilla chips, then drizzled with a lip-smacking dressing. (via Domesticate Me)

2. Grilled Radicchio, Corn, and Roasted Tomato Salad: This salad is super simple yet super elegant, allowing the fresh grilled corn, roasted tomatoes, radicchio, and basil to shine. A few hunks of cream cheese won’t hurt, either. (via Katie at the Kitchen Door)

3. Grilled Corn Avocado Toast With Goat Cheese and Cilantro: Amp up avocado toast as we know it by adding grilled corn, tangy crumbled goat cheese, a squirt of lime juice, and fresh cilantro. (via Life As a Strawberry)

4. Grilled Corn and Berry Hummus Flatbread: If you *really* want to take advantage of summer goodies before they’re gone, this simple flatbread smeared with hummus and topped with blackberries, cherries, and grilled corn is perfect. (via Running to the Kitchen)

5. Grilled Corn Poblano Panzanella: This gorgeous salad eats like a meal by bringing chunks of crusty sourdough bread to a bowlful of grilled corn and punchy poblano. (via Oh My Veggies)

6. Grilled Peach, Corn, and Zucchini Quinoa Salad With Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette: Get grill happy by throwing peaches, zucchini, and corn over those grates — then toss them with quinoa to create a hearty and mouthwatering salad. (via The Simple Veganista)

7. Peanut Udon Noodles With Grilled Vegetables: Nothing beats a tasty and filling noodle bowl topped with crunchy peanuts, and this one makes things even better with the addition of grilled corn. (via Last Ingredient)

8. Grilled Corn: When your love for grilled corn runs deep, sometimes it’s best to just enjoy on its own with a slather of Veganaise, breadcrumbs, and a sprinkle of fresh cilantro. (via Contentedness Cooking)

9. Simple Summer Tomato Pesto and Grilled Corn Gnocchi: Gnocchi in your home will never be the same once you whip up this recipe, which tosses pillowy gnocchi with summer veggies, toasted walnuts, and feta cheese, and tops it all off with a silky poached egg. (via Half Baked Harvest)

10. Grilled Romaine Salad With Corn and Avocado: Grilled lettuce and corn come together in this appetizer with fresh basil, creamy avocado, and a vinaigrette that’ll make your tastebuds POP. (via Floating Kitchen)

11. Grilled Corn Ricotta Naan Pizza With Arugula Salad: Using naan as a pizza base is fabulous, but adding grilled corn, fresh veggies, arugula, and a blend of cheeses makes it better than ever. (via Table of Contents)

12. Summer Grilled Corn Salad With Cilantro Lime Dressing: This salad is covered in summertime bliss with a medley of grilled corn, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, black beans, velvety avocados, and a refreshing cilantro lime dressing that will blow your mind. (via Vegan Huggs)

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