We love our fur babies here at Brit HQ. So much so that we even bring them to work with us. But as much as we love our pets, sometimes they can get all up in our space, making it hard to do anything, let alone work. Luckily, a new hoodie has hit the market that should help with that. We’re talking about the Mewgaroo Hoodie by UniHabitat. This new hoodie from Japan lets you tote around your little pet in a marsupial-like fashion. Weird? Kinda. Awesome? Definitely.


Instead of a plain old pocket, this hoodie features a pouch that easily fits a small animal. Technically, it seems that this hoodie is made to carry cats (as is evident by the cat ears and paws that are attached), but rebel dog owners such us will definitely be using it for our small dogs. Those looking to pre-order this hoodie should expect it to ship near the end of June. It is currently priced at $119, not including shipping.


The Mewgaroo comes in two different sizes — medium or large and is gray in color. The pouch features a removable liner that is easy to take out and clean. Adding even more to this disgustingly cute design are the paws and ears of this hoodie, which will make you one with your pet.

happy dog hoodie
cat hoodie

This hoodie is bringing the term “fur baby” to a whole new level, and we are not mad about it. We might just need to pick one up for every tiny pet in the office…

peekaboo dog hoodie

Think this hoodie takes the love between a pet and its owner a little too far? Leave your comment below.

(Photos via UniHabitat)