Back in June, Microsoft officially announced Surface, their foray into the competitive tablet market. Today, the Surface tablet is officially available for pre-order, with a shipping date of 10/26.

We LOVE the color and sleek design, but even more exciting is that for the first time in a long time, Microsoft has released a video that we actually think is cool. (Props to their marketing team!) Check it out:

Wondering about the price of this little guy? MS says they will go for $499 for the basic 32GB tablet, without the touch cover that adds a lot of functionality. The 32GB with the cover is $599 and the 64GB tablet with the cover is $699. Yikes, that’s a bit steep. Would you pay this much for a tablet?

Now getting into the technical aspects you may be wondering about… currently the Surface is available only with Windows RT, a scaled back version of the Windows 8 operating system designed specifically for devices like tablets. However, the Microsoft site indicates that Surface tablets will be available with the Windows 8 operating system in the near future. Could an entirely new Mac vs. PC campaign could begin soon?

The Surface will work only with apps from the Windows Store, which is kind of a bummer considering all of the great apps only available through iTunes. But we’re kind of pumped because it will work with Office Home and Student, which are pretty reliable productivity products in addition to our good friends, Google Docs.

Could an entirely new Mac vs. PC campaign could begin soon? We admit, we’ve been Mac-fanatics for the past few years, but Microsoft is certainly beginning to shift in a good direction. Pretty colors, bold design, a simplified user interface… we’re impressed. We’re hoping to play with one of these when they launch and will keep you posted on if and when we convert.

Are you planning on purchasing a Surface tablet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.