Being a woman and the concept of femininity means different things to different people — whether it’s “girly girl,” “tomboy,” or something else, these definitions might even change depending on the day. Gender non-conforming brand Milk Makeup knows this, and their latest campaign is all about highlighting and celebrating the wildly different expressions of femininity.

Milk teamed up with Elle to interview six different women and create a range of diverse beauty looks that are as inspiring as they are gorgeous for their second installment of their MMU DNA project, titled “Shades of Femininity.” With Milk Makeup co-founder Georgie Greville behind the camera as the interviewer, we hear the women take on what the word personally means to them. The result is a stunning campaign and video that dives into the topic of feminine presentation through makeup. (You can watch the individual interviews on the Milk Makeup YouTube channel.)

The video is full of truth bombs like: “We’re taught to be compliant and to be perfect, and that automatically makes us combative and insecure towards one another,” and “Sometimes I wanna feel cute, sometimes I wanna feel handsome.” One woman nails it when she says, “We’re too layered to be labeled.” And the message here is clear: The role of makeup is to help you feel your most powerful.

And just like all of us, each of the women interviewed had a different asset she liked to highlight using makeup. One wanted her skin to always look “glowy” while another is proud of her bold brows. The video proves that makeup can play a big role in expressing the strength and identity each woman has. Girl power!

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(Photos via Milk Makeup)