As we continue celebrating a love of all things color block, we now turn our attention to a few different ways to get inspired on the color front. We’ve shared our favorite web apps for getting creative with color – now it’s all about color on-the-go!

If you’re like us, unconventional palettes can be the most inspiring. Perhaps an old building that has several layers of paint peeking through, an outfit seen on the subway, and the like. Whether you’re figuring out colors for your wedding, thinking about repainting your living room, or just like to stare at pretty hues, here are 5 tools to help you explore color no matter where you are.

1. ColorSchemer (Free on iOS): First up, Color Schemer. This app is powered by the COLOURlovers design community. It lets you take any photo you want and pull all sorts of cool and interesting palettes from it. It has a huge library of over 1 million palettes if you’re looking for straight up color inspiration, and also lets you visualize color harmonies via the built-in pocket color wheel.

2. myPANTONE ($9.99 on iOS, $7.99 on Android): Sure it’s the only app on here that’ll set you back a few bucks, but it’s the official Pantone digital swatch book. This is a must for designers who have to make calls on the fly, and for folks who want to become more versed in the world of Pantone. You can also capture and extract colors from photos and snap to the closest Pantone color. Very cool.

3. Color Capture (Free on iOS + Android): This one is all about creating unusual color combinations in your home. You can capture photos, pull colors from them, and identify the closest available paint colors thanks to Benjamin Moore.

4. Adobe Kuler (Free on iOS): It should be no surprise that Adobe has one of the sleekest color apps around. We’ve used Kuler’s web app before, and we’re loving the interface of this mobile version. Pull colors from photos, create palettes, lighten, darken, and share.

5. Philips Light Collector (Free on iOS + Android): Last, we’ve got an app from the folks at Philips who love to make life more hue-tiful ;) This app is focused on lighting and color, and especially on color found in lighting. Browse the community’s photos, upload your own, and get ready to get inspired.

How do you find new color combinations? Any tools we should check out? Talk to us in the comments below.