We don鈥檛 often see the terms 鈥role model鈥 and 鈥渟upermodel鈥 in the same sentence. Amazing women we look up to don鈥檛 generally use the runway as their platform. But now, thanks to Panache, a lingerie company that specializes in larger cup bras, real-life heroines are taking center stage.


Appalled by statistics that 75% of women have few to no role models, they asked some inspiring women to wear their products as part of the Modeled by Role Models campaign. After hearing these ladies鈥 stories, they have joined the ranks of more publicized idols for us.


The campaign features six amazing women from various fields: sports therapist Amy Hughes, paralympian Hannah Cockroft, model Marquita Pring, non-profit founder Martyna Kaczmarek, singer Mica Paris and nurse Rachel Elliot. These women are from varied backgrounds, but one thing they all have in common is the good they put back into the world as part of their day jobs and passion projects. After reading their bios and watching their interviews, we couldn鈥檛 be more in love with these ladies.

Who鈥檚 your role model? We鈥檇 love to hear about her in the comments.

(h/t Bustle)