As springtime comes rolling round, so does a slew of truly decadent events. And while most of us gals seize every opportunity to get ourselves all dolled up, here’s a news flash: Now it’s cool for your man to dress up as well. Girls have always had the privilege (and the burden) of rockin’ some beautiful braids, buns and blowouts galore. But in 2016 it seems that men can too! Enter these 12 modern and versatile men’s styles that’ll keep your guy looking fierce from Valentine’s Day to your best friend’s wedding.


1. Dreaded Bun: For the dude rockin’ dreads, tend to those wild locks by pulling them back into a messy man bun. It’ll keep things cool and tidy without abandoning that bohemian charm. (via @streetetiquette)


2. The Fade: For the man seeking style, but not looking to go overboard, why not opt for a suave yet subtle fade. Sweep that hair to the side and flaunt that effortless attitude. (via @joeylondonstyle)


3. Silver Fox: Whether he’s aging with grace or looking to capture that sultry grey the chemical way (a la Zayn), there’s no denying that silver locks are the way to go this season. Gray hair is perfect for making a sleek and cool statement at any event. Did we mention gray also goes with absolutely everything? (via @therefinery1559)


4. Classic Man Bun: No other hairstyle is as of-the-moment as the ultimate lazy guy style: the man bun. And while this hairstyle’s obsessive following was something of a bizarre phenomenon a year ago, this quirky ‘do has wormed its way into our hearts as one of our favorite hipster staples. (via Brit + Co)


5. Half Knot: Ladies can attest that the constant burden of rocking those long locks, lush as they may be, is that you’re always faced with the question of whether you should wear your hair up or down. But luckily enough, you no longer have to choose! Enter the half knot, half the effort and double the fun. (via @jesseboykins3rd)


6. The Comb Over: We know what you’re thinking but trust us — this ain’t no Donald Trump-style comb over. Show off that full-bodied hair with a side swept ‘do. (via @elproperstore)


7. Tailored Mess: Bedhead never looked so good. Add a little product to that unkempt ‘do to give it a clean finish without going all out. (via Sally Pinera)


8. Rugged Undercut: While undercuts typically tend to read polished and sleek, give your next cut a rustic edge by growing out the hair on top of your head. Bonus points for adding a full and burly beard to the look. (via @kevinluchmun)


9. Au Naturel: Embrace those curls with this grown out voluminous style, showing off that natural texture while still keeping things clean cut on the sides. (via Shanita Sims)


10. Boy Band Hair: The days of the boy band hair are long from over (except for those frosted tips). Get a little playful and bring spikes back into the mix, sporting that youthful charm. (via @hairmenstyle)


11. Pompadour: This is for the dude looking for a tailored look. This classic pompadour style, made with a lot of love (and hair gel), is the perfect ‘do for the man who’s ready to flaunt his fancy pants. (via @bullfrog_barbershop)


12. Braided Bun: As if the man bun and the half knot weren’t enough, now your man can truly steal your style with this kinda awesome (okay seriously awesome) man braid. (via @mccartneylee)

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