Got some manly locks in need of a little taming? Man buns to the rescue. We’ve been seeing dudes rocking top knots all over San Francisco, and it seems the trend has spread far beyond our fair city. We called in three of our favorite bros and sat them in the hot seat with stylist Misty Spinney. Follow along to see how to style up your own man bun without looking like a ballerina.



Creative director and photographer Adrian Elliot lent us his mane for this textured ‘do. This bro’s got some serious locks. His hair boasts a natural curl, which can be a pain to tame, but nothing a bun can’t handle.


Start by letting hair air dry. Then spray in some sea salt spray. Run your fingers through your hair. Next, we’re going to do a teensy bit of back combing to create more volume in the front of the bun, inspired by old school pompadours. Pull hair into a ponytail, then twist to create a loose bun. Use an elastic to secure, and your bun is done.



Top knots that are actually on the top are not super chill, especially for a bro like Sterling Montes, head of growth at Snapwire.


As you can see, Sterling has a great head of hair to begin with. Start by applying a smoothing spray to remove any stray hairs. Then pull hair tight against the head into a high ponytail. Then simply twist hair into a bun and secure with an elastic. Feel free to let a few wisps of hair pop out.



Finally, we’ve got software engineer Tim Schiller‘s amazing curls. I mean, I know it’s not super manly to swoon over curls… but I’m a chick writing content for dudes, so I am totally allowed to.


We’re skipping product for this one and going straight to the bun. Pull hair into a low ponytail and through an elastic, then as you’re doubling your elastic, leave half of it folded in a bun. That’s it!

But one question remains. What about DOG BUNS? It’s time to real dig deep.


Which one is better? The man bun or the… dog bun?! Side-by-side collage time!


Oh, and if you’ve been on the hunt for man buns and want to share the epic man bun photographs you’ve captured, we’re hosting a Photo Challenge on Snapwire to find the BEST MAN BUN PHOTO EVER! We’ll share the winner on our Instagram channel next #ManBunMonday. Stay tuned!


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