Holy smartwatch! It’s pretty clear that the newest trend in wearable tech is a smartphone-wristwatch hybrid. With brilliant gadgets like Pebble, Glance and Blocks, we’ve got a whole slew of options when it comes to jazzing up our wrists with the latest technology. Get ready to add another one to your must-have list, because the new Moment Smartwatch is going to be epic.

Coming soon to a wrist near you is a blend of technology with fashion; a gender neutral smartwatch that looks like a sleek metal bangle. With plans to release on Kickstarter on June 24th, the Moment is still in concept phase. But don’t fret: we expect a release date very, very soon.

The beautifully classic timepiece has a curved E-paper display with a large message board display on the inside of the wrist for easy (and private) reading. It will also feature a full keyboard and will connect to your PC and smartphone. But one of the most-anticipated features of the fashionable watch is its 30-day battery life — and guess what, potential Kickstarter backers: if you help fund the project, you get a free charging dock!

The projected cost of the smartwatch is $230 and it will come in six different sizes, 2 different colors. One is a beautiful brushed aluminum with a metallic matte lens and the other is a gold metal band with a pearly white lens. Both are stunningly stylish and totally chic. We’ll take one for each arm.

Did the Moment just skyrocket to the top of your smartphone wish-list? Let us know your thoughts on this super cool timepiece in the comments!

(h/t: Yanko Design)