Morning Buzz! See the BEAUTIFUL Ring Ryan Lochte Proposed to His Girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid With + More
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Morning Buzz! See the BEAUTIFUL Ring Ryan Lochte Proposed to His Girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid With + More

Happy Monday morning, all! From a sweet proposal to Presidential problems, check out six of today’s top news items below.

1. So sneaky of Ryan to run off and get engaged while the rest of the country was totally wrapped up in the Presidential debate! Last night, both Ryan and gf fiancee Kayla shared photos of the stunning Malibu Canyon lookout where he brought her to pop the question. “Speechless,” Kayla wrote on her photo, which oh-so-subtly shows off her giant sparkler of a ring. “Absolutely beautiful. So in love with YOU.” Wait, is she talking to Ryan, or that ring?

2. We can’t stop laughing at these Clinton and Trump karaoke memes from the debate. Because what would a Presidential debate be in 2016 if not super memeable? Even riiiiight on the heels of a super scandalous weekend for Trump, and in a debate that was wracked with tension from the very start, people will find the lols in the situation. One of our favorites? Taking stills of the two Presidential candidates talking over each other and with Trump lurking creepily behind Clinton and setting the images to different songs, like the above Drake and Rihanna duet “Too Good.” LOL. Never change, Internet.

3. And speaking of Trump’s tape scandal, Billy Bush has been suspended from the Today Show for his involvement. The 2005 footage from an Access Hollywood segment that features Trump’s disgusting comments about women also featured host Billy Bush, and now NBC has decided to suspend his morning show hosting duties to look into the matter further. A memo sent by a show exec to staff that was obtained by US Weekly wrote: “I know we’ve all been deeply troubled by the revelations of the past 48 hours. Let me be clear — there is simply no excuse for Billy’s language and behavior on that tape. NBC has decided to suspend Billy, pending further review of this matter.” (Photo via Cindy Ord/Getty)

4. Actress Amber Tamblyn has opened up about a horrific sexual assault in the wake of the leaked Trump video. And she’s not the only one — writer/comedian Kelly Oxford started somewhat of a movement on Twitter over the weekend, encouraging women to share their stories of sexual assault after Trump’s lewd comments were made public. Last night during the debate, actress Amber Tamblyn shared her own story on Instagram, detailing the time an abusive ex-boyfriend literally picked her up by the hair and carried her out of a club like a piece of property. “That part of my body, which the current Presidential Nominee of the United States Donald Trump recently described as something he’d like to grab a woman by, was bruised from my ex-boyfriend’s violence for at least the next week. I had a hard time wearing jeans. I couldn’t sleep without a pillow between my legs to create space.” Chilling. Read the whole story over at Amber’s Instagram.

5. In lighter news, ’cause we could all use it, high-fiving yourself while taking a selfie is the latest Internet trend. THIS CAN’T END WELL.

6. Quote of the day: “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Let these words from Winston Churchill ring in your mind on this #MotivationMonday and all week long.

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