Can’t be with your favorite mama this Mother’s Day? Send her the ultimate care package, just like she used to send you! And even if she’s local, arm yourself with a basket of beautifying treats to earn yourself favorite kid status for all time. Add in a handmade card and hand-written letter and you’re sure to inspire tears of joy ;)

We’ve teamed up with JCPenney to scout out the perfect collection of giftable goodies to make sure the mom in your life can pamper herself every day of the week. Because you know what? Your mom’s happiness is #SoWorthIt. We started by taking a basic basket tote and adding a few custom tassels to it. Everyone loves a personal touch!


If you don’t have a basket or tote at home, JCPenney’s got lots of stylish basket options to choose from. Now, we’ll show you how to create your own colorful custom tassels in a matter of minutes. These can attach to any bag, basket or tote, so they’re yet another gift for your mama!


Tools + Materials:
 — rope

— embroidery floss

— needle

— scissors

— hot glue gun + glue sticks

— gold keychain



1. Loop rope around your keychain and glue it in place to create loops at the top.

2. Wrap embroidery floss around the rope, below the first loop. Use hot glue to secure it at the end of your color-wrapped section. Continue this with as many colors as you like.

3. To create fringed tassels, use a needle to separate the rope fibers. So simple!


Scroll on to see what we packaged up!


1. Liz Claiborne Spa Robe ($32): The main event is obviously this plush spa robe. Encourage her to spend an entire Sunday luxuriating in it because she is most definitely worth it.


2. Woodwick Vanilla Bean and Lavender Spa Candle Gift Set ($31): Set the mood for relaxation with a pair of complementary scented candles. These are great for keeping good vibes throughout the house way beyond her mini spa day.


3. Matrix Biolage Sugar Shine Polishing Hair Scrub ($29): I don’t know about you, but my mom loves trying out new products, both in the hair and skincare departments. This sugar shine hair scrub is a pre-shampoo treatment designed to work directly on the surface of your hair to remove impurities and create brilliant shine. Send this her way and her locks will thank you.


4. The Wet Brush ($15): We know; your mom probably has a brush. But here’s the thing, hairbrush technology is a REAL thing and the Wet Brush is honestly a godsend. It glides easily through any hair type, combing out tangles with ease, specifically when your hair is wet. The bonus is that the bristles are topped with SofTips™ that massage the scalp.


5. Bed Head by TIGI Superstar Queen-for-a-Day Thickening Spray ($25): Does your #Girlboss mom have some seriously long days? Then she’s going to love this Superstar Queen-for-a-Day thickening spray. It’s designed to give you extra volume and body that lasts for hours on end.


6. Orly Gumdrop Nail Polish ($11): This minty fresh pastel nail polish screams springtime and renewal. Of course, we are pretty partial to all things mint.


7. Champion Double Dry Tab No-Show Socks ($19, 4-pack): Finally, keep her tootsies warm and cozy with this set of four colorful ankle socks.


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This post is a collaboration with JCPenney.