The majority of Americans over 18 have at least one cup of coffee every single day, according to Harvard’s School of Public Health. Whether you’re a straight shot of java fan or a lavish latte enthusiast (we personally love a good double spicy eggnog coffee), there’s nothing better than a warm cup of joe to brighten up your hectic morning commute. Instead of carrying your caffeinated goodness in a bland thermal mug, fill one of these 12 motivational travel mugs with your favorite home-brewed coffee. Not only will you get your much-needed caffeine fix, but you’ll also get all the positive vibes you need for a kickass work week.


1. Indigo Good Morning Beautiful Travel Mug ($8): Sure good morning texts are sweet, but good morning coffee is marriage material. Pour your favorite brew in this bestselling travel mug and get ready for a fantastic day.


2. Bed Bath and Beyond Hello Sunshine Stainless Steel Travel Mug ($13): It doesn’t matter if you’re in sunny California or chilly Alaska: This stainless steel showstopper will brighten your morning no matter what weather you’re commuting in.


3. Indigo Like A Boss Travel Mug ($11): Our #girlboss senses are tingling thanks to this ceramic cutie from Indigo. Fill it to the brim with your best brew and get ready for a smile-worthy commute.


4. Happy Jackson Happiness Travel Mug ($12): Find a stain on your favorite blouse just as you’re leaving the house? Don’t worry, this positive travel mug is here to remind you that everything’s going to be okay.


5. Indigo Oh La La Travel Mug ($10): If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Iggy Azalea, it’s that every morning deserves to be a little fancy. One sip from this chic travel mug and you’ll start to exude Parisian poise.


6. Kate Spade New York Warm Heart Thermal Mug ($18): Don’t let the weather get you down. Take a sip from this brightly color-blocked thermal mug from Kate Spade and warm up from the inside out.


7. Bando Hot Stuff Thermal Mug ($14): It doesn’t matter if your eyebrows aren’t on fleek or your big report got stuck in the copier. This thermal mug reminds us that sometimes all that matters is that you tried your best.


8. Lenny Mud Pink Mr T Tea Ceramic Travel Mug ($20): This punny handmade travel mug just might be the only reason to swap your morning java for an herbal alternative. Just don’t tell your fave Starbucks barista.


9. Mizu Camp Vibes Travel Mug ($28): Daydream of horseback riding and fireside sing-alongs on your way to the office with this dreamy travel mug.


10. Molly Hatch Sweet Salutation Travel Mug ($20): What do this beautifully designed travel mug and the Pixar movie Up have in common? They both remind us that adventure is out there.


11. Happy Jackson Travel Mug Wakey Wakey ($12): Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey! This bright and cheerful mug will have you up and out of bed pronto.


12. Cat Coquillette Eat Well Travel Often on Gold Travel Mug ($24): Remind yourself why the heck you work so hard with this gilded typography travel mug from Kansas City designer Cat Coquillette.

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