Our java addiction goes far beyond a passion for PSLs. We鈥檙e always on the search for the next Starbucks hack, coffee-themed gadget or inspiring latte art. Lucky for us, today is officially National Coffee Day, a dedicated time to celebrate our favorite brewed beverage. While some of us are serious coffee aficionados, the rest of us could learn a thing or two about brewing the perfect cup. Whether you want to know how to make a perfect pour over or create crazy latte art, Saint Frank Coffee shows us some tips and tricks for making a perfect cup of joe.


1. How to pull the perfect espresso shot: Who knew so much work went into making a single shot of espresso? This guide will whip your skills into barista shape. With so much flavor in one teeny cup, it鈥檚 important to get the grind and exact amount of espresso just right for the perfect sip. You鈥檒l definitely want a scale for this one. (via Saint Frank Coffee on Snapguide)


2. How to steam milk: If you鈥檝e ever been curious why steaming your milk at home doesn鈥檛 look quite like it does at your favorite coffee place, check out this guide to creating the perfect microfoam. Pro tip: Start with very cold milk. The colder the milk, the more foam you can make! (via Saint Frank Coffee on Snapguide)


3. How to make latte art: We鈥檝e always wanted to know how baristas got so good at creating cute designs on top of our morning lattes. Hint: The secret is all in the tilting of the cup. It gives you the perfect angle for creating that visual design. (via Saint Frank Coffee on Snapguide)

Pour OVer

4. How to brew the perfect pour over coffee: Learn the dos and don鈥檛s of making a perfect pour over coffee. Ever heard the phrase 鈥渞ide the bloom?鈥 Don鈥檛 worry, you will soon enough. This guide is perfect for those just getting into the coffee scene. A pour over can bring out the unique flavors of the bean and give you a higher quality taste than your usual Mr. Coffee can. (via Saint Frank Coffee on Snapguide)

How do you like to celebrate National Coffee Day? Is there a brewing method we鈥檙e totally missing out on? Let us know in the comments below.