Hey, Michelangelina, we know you’re completely ready to unleash your crafty self and mural-ify your baby’s new room. But you’re not really sure where to begin. Even if you’re not exactly artsy, you can still fill the nursery with your dream designs. Whether you’re into trendy nursery decor themes, kind of traditional, or loving a cutesy kiddo look, you can create a room that’s fabulously fit for your little prince or princess. Check out everything you need to know to add a beautiful mural to your baby’s room.

1. Bright Beginnings: You need to start somewhere, so take a look around the space. Just because you saw the best mural ever in some magazine or on a home DIY show doesn’t for sure mean it will fit in your baby’s room… literally. Not every design fits on every wall, especially if the nursery has a few odd angles or isn’t anything like a box. Those 10-foot palm trees might not work out so well on your room’s curved or arched walls. Keep in mind, the room probably has windows and doors. A mural that needs a solid, uninterrupted canvas won’t mesh with a wall that’s split by a closet or radiator.

2. Gathering Steam: There are endless ideas out there when it comes to wall murals. You check out every book, blog, magazine, and friend’s house — only to make yourself even more confused. Before you pick a winner, think about the logistics of executing the mural. If you’re planning to paint it yourself, unless art is your thing, you might not want to go with an overly intricate idea. But if you’re fine with hiring an artist, go ahead and pick a design that’s packed with details. List out themes, words you might want to include, styles, and color schemes. Gradually narrow and focus your choices until you’ve pieced together all of your must-haves.

3. Creative Combos: There’s no rule saying that you can’t combine two, three, or even more murals into one mega version. Let’s say your neighbor’s nursery has an awesomely imaginative tree house mural. You love it — that is, until you see your cousin’s animal-themed wall art. Go ahead and combine the two! Find a creative way to meld your favorite ideas together, making your mural exactly what you want for your own kiddo.

4. Design Helpers: Hiring an actual artist isn’t in the budget, and you’re not comfortable with anything fancier than finger paints. Don’t stress: You can still get whimsical wall art into your little one’s new room. Decals and stickers are easy options for any mama who lacks that crafting gene or the time to develop artistic skills. Long gone are the days when “wall decals” meant cheesy cartoon-character stickers that stayed put for all of a few hours. Today’s decals are stylish, artsy, and designed to last, and they come in more varieties than you can imagine.

5. Pro Painters: Maybe the mural got out of hand. You thought you could DIY it, but instead, you ended up with a muddled pool of paint on the wall. Now is the time to call in some reinforcements. But finding a pro isn’t exactly as easy as Googling “mural artists near me” and picking the first one that pops up. If you do decide to search online for local muralists, take a look at photos of their work and ask for references. Another option is to ask friends, other moms, and relatives who may have used mural artists in the past. Come prepared with a list of questions, such as, “How long did it take the artist to complete the mural?” and, “How well did the artist incorporate your vision into their work?” You can also call the nearest art school or college art department. You might find an undiscovered talent (and one who charges significantly less than you expected).

6. Other Options: Traditional paint isn’t “it” when it comes to magical murals. Go wild with creativity and add textures, depth, and artsy effects. Incorporate fabric and other embellishments (such as faux flowers or wallpaper), try a glow-in-the-dark paint, or use chalkboard paint to create the backdrop for an ever-changing piece of art!

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