When you saw the first sonogram, your heart melted. Everything changed when you became a parent, including a newfound love for everything baby and a to-do list that would take longer than nine months to complete. Now that you’ve shared the big news, nailed the perfect name and filled baby’s closet with gorgeous goodies, it’s time to talk about the nursery. Lucky for all overwhelmed parents-to-be out there, we’re here to help with some sweet nursery ideas that sent us into adorable overload. And the best part? They’re all DIY-able. Get ready to welcome your little one into the world with the dreamiest baby digs ever.

1. Washi Tape Wall Art: This simple project requires some scrapbook paper and washi tape and plenty of creativity! Make your own color combos and tape shapes, and then hang them however you want! (via Brit + Co)

cloud mobile diy

2. Cloud Mobile: It doesn’t get much dreamier than a dozen fluffy little clouds, blissfully strung mobile-style to grace the space over baby’s crib. Haven’t you heard? Counting clouds is the new best way to lull baby to sleep. (via Fresh Mommy Blog)

diy baby pompom rug

3. Bedside Pom-Pom Rug: Everything baby touches should be impossibly soft and fluffy. Bring on the pom-pom rug. (via Say Yes)

4. Crib Skirt: Short on space? Under baby’s crib is the perfect hideaway for extra storage… as long as it’s cleverly concealed with a cute crib skirt like this one. (via DIY Decor Mom)

diy baby bedside table

5. Dipped Tree Trunk Table: Okay, is it weird that we want to put this in our room instead of the nursery? This tree trunk table gives baby’s room a bit of rustic yet modern charm. It will only cost you a few bucks to make this gorgeously rustic piece. (via Couture and Turbulences)

6. Pom-Pom Wall Art: Yes, more pom-poms! We love this texturally rich wall hanging and we think your bb will too. (via Brit + Co)

7. Stuffed Animal Taxidermy: It’s a sweet stuffy that will liven up the walls of your nursery. Super DIY you could make any animal your heart desires for your little one. (via We Lived Happily Ever After)

8. Paper Mache Alphabet Wall: Baby’s got things to learn, people. Give her a jump-start on the alphabet with this wall art. (via Fawn Over Baby)

9. Mixed Material Tassel Garland: This recycled rug DIY is the perfect baby shower project so def be sure to suggest to whoever is planning yours! (via Brit + Co)

10. Moon Cradle from Pallets: If you’ve managed to salvage some wood pallets you can pull off this stunning upcycle. How can a baby not enjoy sweet dreams when lulled to sleep in a moon cradle? (via 1001 Pallets)

11. Fabric Storage Basket: Babies come with a ton of stuff. Loads and loads of stuff. Prepare the storage. Make some for your room, too. (via Make It and Love It)

12. Corkboard Gallery Wall: Create a nostalgic wall space so your little one will already feel like he or she is part of the crew! Add more baby photos as you take them — trust us, there will lots! (via Brit + Co)

DIY door latch cover

13. Nursery Door Latch Cover: You’re already facing years of sleep deprivation (sorry to break it to ya), so when every spare minute of sleep counts, make sure nothing stands in the way of baby getting fully rested — not even a door latch! If you’re serious about keeping your sanity, make this door latch cover, like yesterday. This DIY keeps everyone happy. (via Practically Functional)

14. Thumbtack Wall Art: Swap out that chalkboard sign DIY for one that used board and thumbtacks. Pick your message and then tack away! (via Brit + Co)

diy door stop

15. Elephant Doorstop: Drop everything. It’s an elephant doorstop and you know you need it now. This little guy is absolutely irresistible. (via Create Studio)

16. Coffee Filter Angel Wings: You’ll never guess what common household item these pretty wings are crafted from — cereal boxes and coffee filters! (via Alice Wingerden)

hot air balloon mobile

17. Felt Hot Air Balloon Mobile Tutorial: Here’s what baby’s bedtime should look like: a few pages of Goodnight Moon and visions of pretty little hot air balloons. Make it happen. (via How Joyful)

18.Decoupage Outlet Covers: Is it weird that we want to stare at our light switches? These covers are so pretty we can’t take our eyes off them. (via 36th Avenue)

diy nursery rack

19. Nursery Shelf: Some moms may tell you to throw out all organization goals after baby’s arrival. But we think it’s okay to have high aspirations. Get off to a great start and show all your friends you’re clearly super-mom with this super-efficient and orderly shelf. This DIY comes in at under $20, too. (via Fresh Mommy Blog)

diy wall garland

20.Wall Garlands: Craft some wall garlands like these and you’ll be the queen of Pinterest-perfect nurseries. We love how these pretties are draped, curtain-style. (via Design Love Fest)

21. Pom-Pom Mobile: Ok, yes — we know! But TBD, there’s *always* room for another pom-pom DIY. Intro your tiny tot to the wonderful (and V. colorful) world of pom-pom-ery via a DIY mobile. (via Brit + Co)

diy baby room wall art

22. Nursery Art: Okay, just so baby gets the picture, yes, we’re serious about that sleeping thing. (via Snappy Casual)

custom baby monogramed diy

23. Baby Monogram: For that oopsie moment when you realize you totally forgot to snag a gift for your friend’s baby shower, there’s always this DIY. Everyone loves a personalized present. (via Love Meaghan)

diy rope shelf

24. Rope Shelving: Okay, we know you’re getting an “I need that” gleam in your eye already. You’ve probably already planned out the perfect spot in your home for this rope shelf. It’d even be okay if it’s not in your nursery. (via Simply Grove)

More to Consider:

25. Animal Lamp: The cutest baby in the world needs to have the cutest animal lamp in the world, obviously. (via Apartment Therapy)

26.Giraffe Nursery Art: Before experiencing the joy of 2 a.m. feedings and wearing your favorite top covered in spit-up, there are things to do. This quirky DIY giraffe art needs to be at the top of your priority list. (via Make It and Love It)

27. Clear Shelves: Where else would you keep baby’s favorite bedtime storybooks? (via This Little Street)

28. Poster from a Photograph: Channel your inner artist and follow this tutorial to paint your baby’s portrait. It’s easier than it looks, and you’ll feel like Picasso when it’s complete. (via Patent Pending Projects)

29.Silhouette Embroidery Hoop Art: Good news: You don’t have to be an embroidery expert to create these cuties. And just look at that tiny bunting! (Honey and Fitz)

30. Wooden Baby Gym Tutorial: We spoke with your babe, and he totally needs this wooden baby gym. (via Empty Handed)

31. Birth Stat Chalkboard Wall Art: Preserve all the precious details of your little one’s birthday on a piece of art you can proudly display. (via The DIY Village)

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