You know what one of the best parts about summer fashion is? The vivid and loud colors you get to wear. We mean, neon shades just stand out way too much against the super white snow in the winter, but in the summer? Oh, they’re totally perfect. As you all know, sometimes the best way to add a pop to your outfit is through accessories. So today, embrace the ’80s neon-obsessed girl you know is inside of you and check out these 16 fantastically bright purses, totes and clutches.

1. Coach Bleecker Mini Carryall ($258): As Elle Woods so wisely stated, “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.” The boxy structure of this bag contrasts so well with this playful color. It’s ridiculously perfect.

2. Nasty Gal Pineapple Express Bag ($35): Speaking of ridiculous (in a good way)… check out this pineapple-shaped bag! There’s no better way to express your love for the juicy fruit.

3. ASOS Crossbody with Contrast Flap ($48): Need a sophisticated yet still fun bag for work? Looks like you found it.

4. Anthropologie Kaleidoscope Clutch ($148): The designers at Anthropologie can combine the most diverse patterns and still make it work. They’ve just got that power, as depicted by this colorful kaleidoscope clutch.

5. Clare V. Fold Over Clutch ($210): Sometimes, all you need is a little contrasting stripe. How many different DIY methods can you think of to make this one?

6. J. Crew Fluorescent Satchel ($170): Yowza! You’ll be stopping traffic with this dazzling satchel.

7. Neon Orange Lace Clutch ($62): Neon and lace is a combination that you don’t see that often. But why not? Combining the vintage feel of lace with a beautiful hue like neon orange is great for all summer outfits.

8. River Island Metal Edged Tote Bag ($76): Just when you think this bag is all structured and blah, they add a bright pop of color and edgy metals to the side. Oh, and you can even turn it into a large crossbody with that handy strap!

9. Neon Embellished Box Clutch ($70): Bright colored gems have been popping up in jewelry styles all over, and now they’ve made their way onto clutches. We’re so glad.

10. Floral Paisley Envelope Clutch ($30): For a casual day out, carry this cute and casual envelope clutch. The orange and black work really well together. There isn’t a single Halloween vibe around.

11. Ted Baker Navy Stripe Bag ($66): Totes may be one of our favorite types of purses. You can just throw so much stuff into them!

12. Studded + Embellished Envelope Purse ($25): Gems are back with a tiny cameo role this time. This electric blue may not technically be a neon, but it serves the same fashionable purpose.

13. East West Prism Clutch ($355): Prisms? On a clutch this fabulous? We’ve never loved math more in our lives.

14. ’80s Neon Wave Fanny Pack ($25): Hey, no judgement here. We know you’ve always wanted a fanny pack as cool as this one.

15. Neon Stripe Everyday Tote ($25): You get a tote! You get a tote! Everybody gets a tote!

16. Neon Orange + Natural Tote ($68): And finally, a paint-dipped look. The mixture of the natural material and the modern neon shade of orange just works.

What’s one of your favorite summer trends? Tell us all about it in the comments below!