There's no better way kick off March's NEON theme than with an ode to old school neon. Any child of the 80s and 90s has a deeply rooted fondness for fluorescence, and we're all pretty pumped that the neon trend is back in full force. And, thanks to our bestie the Internet, we can find a good number of those throwback threads on eBay, Etsy, Amazon and Body Glove. (Yes, Body Glove.)

Some of these pieces are vintage finds so they are likely one of a kind, but should serve as good fodder for constructing a vintage neon look. Wearing all of these pieces at once might be a bit much, but adding a daily dose of neon flair to your wardrobe is the perfect way to usher in a little spring sunshine.

1. Nike Get In Shape Flight Lite ACGs ($75): This pair of brightly-colored Nikes is a prototype that never actually came out. They're a cross between hiking boots and basketball sneakers, and would look mighty festive coupled with a pair of teeny tiny 80s running shorts.

2. Neon Rope Friendship Bracelets ($7 for a pack of 144): Remember these? All of us here at Brit HQ certainly do, and wish we still had them now that friendship bracelets (and friendship cords!) are en vogue. (Also, remember En Vogue?)

3. Catchit Neon Caution Tape Surf Culture Volleyball Shorts 80s ($50): Had to include the full eBay product title here because what could be more 80s than a pair of shorts that combines neon, caution tape, surf culture, and volleyball?

4. Glow-in-the-Dark Neon Gimp 4-Pack ($9): Also known as boondoggle, scoubidou and lanyard, we just might have this 4-pack of gimp lying around the office desperately seeking a brand new use.

5. Body Glove Time Warp Vest ($77): Let's do the time-warp, again! We are ridiculously pumped that Body Glove has just released a collection of swimwear inspired by their 80s and 90s zip pieces. If you sport this, you'll totally look like an off-duty lifeguard on Baywatch.

6. Vintage Troll ($8): It's impossible to kick it old school without referencing a troll. Ok, maybe not impossible, but how happy are you that this 80s troll exists and is staring you in the face right now?

7. Roffe Demetre Retro Ski Jacket ($48): There are pages and pages and pages of brightly colored ski apparel, but this jacket won as the brightest but also most wearable. Instead of ear muffs or a hat, we recommend a neon sweatband or two. ;)

8. Sorel Vintage Neon Moon Boots ($48): Ideal for apres ski and possibly seen in Better Off Dead, these moon boots are cozy, and would be the perfect neon touch to your brand new Ninja Suit.

9. Rainbow Sundae Sunglasses with Built-in Visor ($10): Another one where the title really tells the story. The built-in visor with rainbow sundae print just screams I was a huge fan of Andre Agassi and ice cream in the early 90s.

10. 1980s Pink Triangles Cropped Sweater ($64): We love this! It's bright, cropped and knitted with love. This would look awesome with a pair of skinny jeans and a chunky agate necklace.

11. Vintage Skateboard Neon Duffle Bag ($8): Here's the scene. You're in 6th grade. You've got braces and a penchant for Princess Leia braided buns. 8th grader Tommy Swanhouse is just too dreamy for words and rocks a skateboard (and skateboard duffle) like nobody's business.

12. Jordache Fanny Pack ($15): What's the best way to end an old school neon roundup? With Jordache, of course. The only thing that would take this fanny pack to the next level would be a built-in pair of speakers a la JammyPack. Perfect for all the spring and summer festivals!

What's your favorite piece of throwback neon? Got any fluorescent duds we should check out? Leave us a note in the comments below or say hi on Twitter.