Potterheads (have you found your Patronus yet?), in case you didn’t already feel older and wiser after reading these 10 life lessons you only understood as an adult, one of the film’s cast members, Matthew Lewis (AKA Harry’s nerdy pal Neville Longbottom), has just given us another reason: He’s ENGAGED.


That’s right! Gone is the chubby-cheeked boy (and, we presume, his missing teeth) we fell in love with in the film, replaced instead by a dapper young man with a chiseled jawline and a new fiancée on his arm, Angela Jones.

If you haven’t seen the couple before, that’s probbbbbably in part because it was a rather whirlwind romance, with Angela reportedly becoming divorced from her first husband as recently as July. As Matthew’s rep explained to E!, “They’re both over the moon. They got together in July and hit it off straight away.”

While the timing seems, erm, a bit suspect, maybe they simply fell hard and fast for each other because they have similar interests — like Harry Potter, for instance. TMZ reports that Angela is an event planner for Universal Studios that met Matthew at — wait for it — a Wizarding World (AKA surprise foodie Heaven) event back in January! Are you freaking KIDDING us? How much more perfect of a meet cute can you ask for?

Cut to November, when the actor reportedly proposed in a fairy-tale moment in Paris, and the rest is apparently history.

Congratulations, Neville! Errrrr, Matthew, that is!

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(h/t E!, photos via Harry Potter/Warner Bros. Pictures + Gustavo Caballero/Getty)