As we’re getting ready to ring in the new year, it’s no surprise that new year’s goals and resolutions are on the forefront of most people’s minds. And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably freaking out about how to keep track and stick to these goals. I’ve recently started journaling daily through this book called the Five-Minute Journal. It’s been a great way to keep track of my goals and thoughts, but it’s more of a daily exercise for the mind. I wanted a way to remember my year’s target goals in a larger manner, upgrading from my past methods of record (Google Docs). That’s why I’ve decided to share a fun DIY pom-pom tree that serves as not only cute decor, but also as a centerpiece for collecting my main goals and reminding me of what I’ve set out to do in the upcoming year. Get ready to stick to your goals with your very own pom-pom tree :)

New Year’s Resolution Tree

Materials + Tools:



  1. Spray paint your branches.
  2. Use the hot glue gun to attach pom-poms onto the branches.
  3. Arrange your branches in a vase.
  4. Cut out your tags from the printable.
  5. Write down your goals for the year.
  6. Hang the tags on the tree with some embroidery floss.

Let’s hop to it!


First, grab a thick card stock or tarp, and lay it down on a mat to spray paint your branches on. (Remember to do this in an open area outside. Those spray paint fumes can be very toxic to the body!) Let the branches dry for 20-30 minutes.


Once the branches have dried, add your pom-poms using the hot glue gun.


Place your pom-pom branches into a nice vase, and there ya have it — a very adorable pom-pom tree! It makes for great decor by itself, but in this case, we’ll be adding some power goals!


Use a utility knife to cut out the tags from the printable provided. (Scissors will also suffice, but I personally find the act of cutting with a utility knife cathartic. Plus, there’s more precision!) Next, grab the hole puncher and create a place for the string to go through.

Pro Tip: Feel free to get creative and make your own version of the tags. Leftover holiday gift tags would also be a cute medium!


Now here’s the fun part. Fill out the tags with your goals for the year.

New Year’s Resolution Tree

Now it’s time to hang up your goals! Tie a string onto your tags and place them onto your tree.


Place your tree somewhere you’ll see every day, like by your bedside table, or create a unique space for your goals to be met and your tree to thrive.

New Year’s Resolution Tree

Cheers to new goals!

New Year’s Resolution Tree

And saying YES to new opportunities!

How are you achieving your new year’s resolutions this new year? Show us your methods by tagging us on Instagram and using the hashtag #iamcreative!

DIY Production and Styling: Karen Pham

Photography: Brittany Griffin

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