When it comes to athletic brands, Nike is kind of Queen Bee. With an endless list of professional sponsorships, too many styles of running shoes to count and a slogan like “Just Do It,” it’s easy to get the sense that people who love Nike LOVE to workout. But it turns out, the company is actually well aware that you probably kind of hate it, then love it and then hate it again. Take a glimpse at their latest campaign and chances are you’ll feel like they managed to record every thought you had during that last gym workout.

The minute-long video taps into the inner dialogue of ladies who’s confidence at the gym could use a bit of a boost. One girl prepping for a spin class thinks, “Oh good, a bunch of models right in front of me.” Another girl poses the question we’ve all asked ourselves a thousand times, “Why are there so many mirrors?” Seriously, though. Why?


For the campaign, Nike has even changed their classic “Just Do It” slogan to “Better For It,” which is a reminder we could all use during that last mile on the treadmill. In a world where athletic advertisements are usually all aspirational (think: a Lululemon yogi totally dominating a headstand or an Athleta model barely sweating on beach-side run) it’s refreshing to see an ad with girls who aren’t necessarily fitness buffs pushing through their insecurities to reach a goal. They’re just like us: trying to get a little bit fitter, one painful plank at a time.

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