Attention: New Yorkers. If you like FREE stuff (obvs) and you have a Nike FuelBand, you need to read this immediately. Nike just rolled out a scavenger hunt-like game to help promote their wearable fitness tracker. All you’ve got to do is exercise.

The folks over at Nike installed Fuelbox vending machines in hidden locations throughout New York City that accept points as currency. After you rack up some points on your FuelBand by getting your sweat on, you can cash ‘em in for free stuff (if you can find one). The dispensers are filled with socks, shirts, hats and more items that range between 500 and 1000 points. Here’s the catch: You can’t use points that you’ve earned in the past… only those collected from the past 24 hours. If that’s not an incentive to work out tonight/right now, we don’t know what is!

Oh, and the vending machines won’t last forever. Once all the goods have been claimed, the game’s over… so you better get moving.

We love when companies come up with creative and unique ways to market their products — especially with something activity based inspiring real life action. These Fuelboxes are not only cool (hello, they give away free swag), but they promote healthy living. Just looking for these things will be a workout on its own. We’re seriously hopin’, wishin’ and prayin’ that Nike rolls these out in cities worldwide.

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(h/t Designboom)