In case you haven’t heard, the most massive gift-giving day of the year is, like, here. DIY gifts are some of the best to give and to receive, but with the clock ticking, forget yanking out the Singer and threading the bobbin. Instead, we’re presenting a roundup of 20 swoon-worthy projects that don’t require the use of a foot pedal.

1. Sequin Heart Elbow Patch: If this isn’t the most adorable thing under the tree this year, we don’t know what is. Buy a standard French fisherman shirt anywhere (no, seriously, you can get them anywhere). Then make it memorable with a little sequin trim, glue, and love. (via Unique USA)

2. Graphic Tea Towels: While straight-stiched vegetable tea towels from Aunt Rhonda are lovely, some kitchen mavens require something a little more mod. These little quicker DIY uppers do the trick. (via Fine & Feathered)

3. Rhinestone Chevron Friendship Bracelet: The name of this project says it all. Rhinestones? Check. Chevron? Check. Add one incredible BFF to give it to, and life is good. (via Love & Rosen)

4. A-Frame Tent: Chances are, you’ve got some kiddos on your list. This nifty gifty will secure your spot as favorite aunt/uncle well into the new year. (via Little House Blog)

5. Jeweled Collar: This might be the easiest hack on our list. Acquire a collared shirt, add earrings or hair clips, and there you have it: a bejeweled masterpiece made by you. (via Nutmegan)

6. Embellished Glovettes: Suitable for typing away in your office or simply showing off a fab manicure, these Alexander McQueen knockoffs are ones any recipient would be happy to unwrap. (via P.S. I Made This)

7. Cat Tights: You never thought it would happen, but it happened: Puff paint is back, and let us be the first to say we think it’s the cat’s meow. (via Sprinkles In Spring)

8. 5-Minute T-Shirt: As mentioned, the clock is ticking. But you do have five minutes. Make them count by crafting your best pal’s new favorite tee. (via Good Morning Loretta)

9. Last-Minute Napkin Rings: Can anyone ever have enough pom poms in their life? We think not. Bonus: these napkin rings can double as a gift bows! (via Scrumdilldilly)

10. No-Knit Scarf : It’s a classic gift no doubt, but this one is a little more hip, and here’s the twist: You didn’t have to spend the past month re-watching Downton Abbey while working those knitting needles to make it. (via Martha Stewart)

11. Hand-Stamped Handkerchief: Dads haven’t been the easiest dudes to DIY for. Until you decided to make this hip little pocket square for dear old. (via Paper & Stitch)

12. Stenciled Placemats: These particular table toppers are made with wood, but you could easily adorn some basic fabric table mats into pretty perfection. (via A Subtle Revelry)

13. Witty Gloves: While this step-by-step encourages the use of a stem-stitch, we’re thinking puff paint would be the trick for those really in the need for speed. (via Country Living)

14. Yarn-Wrapped Hangers: We hate to quote Mommy Dearest during the celebratory season, but please, people. No wire hangers. Just add yarn and everything will be alright. (via Wisecraft)

15. Sweater Circle Scarf: Infinity scarves. They’re all the rage, which is why we’ve DIY-ed up this Brit original winner for a winter wonderland. (via Brit + Co)

16. Heart Sweater: J Crew price points might not be in the white-elephant price range. Luckily, you can fake the look without racking up plastic. (via With An Ie)

17. Statement Rope Necklace: This is one of our personal faves on the list. Simply lasso a loved one with a rope and a little bling. (via A Pair & A Spare)

18. Root Sacks Whether you’re hunting for a gift for a budding gourmand or a weekend farmers market warrior, you’re can officially end here. (via Maya Made)

19. Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments Admittedly, felt ornaments can be not so nice. But these tiny little trees buck the trend. So go ahead, deck your friends and family halls. (via This Heart Of Mine)

20. Silver Sequined Collar Tee Create this little number, and you’re basically answering your pal’s burning question: “What should I wear for New Year’s Eve?!” And for that, she thanks you. (via Brit + Co)

What no-sew gifts are you on your to-make list? Talk to us in the comments below.