There鈥檚 trolling, and then there鈥檚 trolling. Former official White House Photographer Pete Souza has snapped some of the most famous photos of the Obamas we鈥檒l ever see. He took photos of the former first couple that gave us major heart eyes and captured both tense and sweet moments. With the Obamas having said their farewells to go on an epic vacation, Souza has been using his official Instagram account to troll the heck out of President Trump, and he鈥檚 doing a hilarious job.

Donald And Melania Trump Arrive At White House Ahead Of Inauguration

It started back in January, just after the President鈥檚 executive order banning Muslim entry from seven countries. The pic Sousa reposted was one of Obama with a girl in a headscarf in Kuala Lumpur back in 2015. Subtle, it wasn鈥檛. Next, he reposted Obama鈥檚 meeting with six-year-old Alex, who wrote to the President after seeing footage of a small boy in Syria alone and bloodied in an ambulance. Alex had asked the President if Obama could bring the boy to America to live with his family.

Since his start in January, he鈥檚 countered every questionable move that President Trump has made with simple photographs. A fight with Mexico鈥檚 president? How about a throwback pic of Obama and said President sipping tequila like true pals?

With all the trolling, Souza made a confession, though. He admitted that what he misses most about his eight years at the White House is not Obama himself 鈥 it鈥檚 Bo, the Obamas鈥 dog.

I admit it. I miss Bo.

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