Do you ever shuffle between iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, AND your Pandora account, wishing you could merge all of your music libraries into one? I hate that I can’t merge the songs I’ve purchased on iTunes into my Spotify playlists. Seriously, as much as digital music has evolved it can still be such a drag. Cue the Olive ONE.

Currently looking for funding over on Indiegogo, the Olive ONE is a beautifully designed, revolutionary music system. You know that we love finding out about sweet new speakers, so when we heard about the Olive ONE, our ears perked in interest. Going beyond the ordinary speaker, the Olive ONE is a dynamic music player that also connects to all your music sharing accounts, social networks, and music library in one place. Wait… are we hearing this correctly?

Despite its small package, this little player packs a lot of punch. Using their SESSION technology, the player tracks your music preferences as you keep using it. Unlike Pandora, you don’t need to manually thumbs up or thumbs down a track. As you pick and play, it’ll learn your music habits. For instance, all that rap music you play on Friday nights will tell Olive that you like to spend Fridays having dance parties. And that Mozart you play on Sunday mornings will teach it that you prefer calmer music in the AM hours. You can see your music on one screen, no matter what service or platform is being used. Amazing!

What’s even better is that the player comes with an internal hard drive that holds 1TB of music and comes with a cloud service that doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee. Seriously, we’re blown away by all the options that the Olive ONE is offering. We’re particularly tickled by the option to customize the look of our player. DIY my music player? Yes, please! You can decide what color or pattern your player comes in and can even customize an image for the wallpaper background on the screen.

While the Olive ONE is looking for funding, that also means you get the chance to get your hands on the player earlier than the general crowd when it’s publicly released. For $349, you’ll get your very first ONE player, an extended 2 year warranty, and free shipping! Estimated delivery is July 2013.

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