At Brit + Co, we love our impromptu dance parties. We’ve shown you the awesomeness of a fanny pack with speakers in the form of the JammyPack, we’ve created a carrying strap for our Big Jambox, and we’ve even rounded up a half dozen amplifiers that work without power.

But it’s time for something even more portable, wireless, and lightweight that won’t cramp your style. Here are 10 of the smallest and most fun (dance party!) wireless speakers out there.

1. Beats Pill ($209): This is one giant pill that’s not hard to swallow. Launched just last week, the Dr. Dre Beats Pill brings the Beats Headphone quality to a wireless speaker. In addition to being a wireless speaker, it also has a built in microphone for the illest of conference calls.

2. X-Mini’s ($66): A lot of power is packed in this little 3.2 oz stereo speaker. With 8 hours of continuous play-time, this mini speaker only takes 2.5 hours to charge via usb. Then, you can use it wirelessly to adjust volume and tracks, and also as a microphone for wireless conference calls! To have the ultimate dance party, you can connect your X-Mini to all your friends’ X-Mini’s and dance the night away!

3. Boombotix ($80): Want to add some swag to your sound? Boombotix’s wireless, portable stereo speakers also feature unique, Japanese urban design. They come in limited edition designs (“Chain Gangsta”) and also feature bluetooth connectivity, water resistance, and a rechargeable battery that takes about an hour to fully charge.

4. Philips Soundshooter ($50): Philips has also come out with a competitive portable mono speaker, designed especially for the active. Fully equipped with a carabiner, it only clocks in at 0.25 lbs, which is perfect for those day hikes!

5. Philips Shoqbox ($180): For those who are more rough and tumble, Philips has an even more durable portable speaker– the aptly named Shoqbox. It has all the same features as the Soundshooter, but has a keychain instead of a carabiner. It’s a little larger, but you can drop it or splash it with water without breaking it.

6. Pyrus Electronics Mini Speaker ($30): German brand Pyrus created an affordable and extremely chic portable mini speaker. Not only can you connect via Bluetooth or with an audio input, it also has a slot where you can put your microSD card filled with mp3’s. The downside of this mini speaker is that it has a much lower continuous playing time– 3 hours as compared to the 8 hours for the X-Mini.

7. iHome iDM8 ($60): If you have an iAnything, then you’re probably familiar with the brand iHome. To add to their vast collection of docking stations, iHome has come out with a new wireless, portable, Bluetooth capable mono speaker. While it only comes in two colors, red and black, the sleek design keeps it looking stylish no matter what.

8. Turtle Shell ($150): We mentioned the Turtle shell before, but we feel like it’s definitely worth mentioning again. Turtle Shell is a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that’s mountable to almost anything!

9. Floating LED Speakers ($50): But what about the pool parties?! No worries, we’ve also found have water resistent LED speakers for those warm summer nights! Each speaker is connected wirelessly to the transmitter, which connects to any iPhone, iPod or other music device with a standard 3.5mm audio.

10. Jambox ($199): It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with Jambox. We hacked a carrying strap for little Jambox’s big bro, swooned over the new color customization, and keep a stockpile of jamboxes in our Amazon shopping cart for last minute gifts.