If you’re looking to get inked, it doesn’t get much bigger, bolder and brighter than the designs from our latest #tattooercrush, Czech-based Ondrash (aka @ondrashtattoo). His beautiful designs combine watercolor with abstract, modern and pointillist styles. Scroll down for some seriously eye-catching ink.


1. Stacked People: We think Keith Haring would definitely be proud of this pop art-inspired ink. The mixed colors and patterns here take it to a whole other level.


2. Tree + Sun: Ondrash’s combination of pointillism and watercolor here is absolutely stunning. And while this looks great as a sleeve, we wouldn’t mind seeing it on our walls too.


3. Edgar Allen Poe: Be still our tell-tale hearts. The only thing missing here is a watercolor raven.


4. Pegasus: If you’re going to put a giant tattoo on your back, it might as well be a majestic pegasus like this one.


5. Skull: This colorful take on a Halloween classic is anything but spooky. This pointillist style might be just the thing to up this year’s Dia de los Muertos makeup.


6. Linking Circles: We’re going to go ahead and change the saying to “Good things come in threes.” Case in point: this modern + abstract trifecta of mystical, colorful spheres.


7. Abstract Mixed Patterns: This rainbow explosion tattoo is like a technicolor galaxy come to life. The combination of the watercolor base, B+W dotted swirls, bright red and inkblot-esque blues is a grand masterpiece of mixed patterns that can’t be beat.


8. Watercolor Splatter: All you painters out there, this one’s for you. The splatter ink helps you blend with your surroundings and inspires you to paint every day.


9. Tea Bag Universe: Tiny tattoos and galaxy tattoos are kinda our jam. Put ’em together and you get this bright and oh-so-cute tattoo.


10. Watercolor Ink Splatter: This abstract thigh tat is definitely up for interpretation, but we see a giant bird-squid in bright and beautiful colors. What about you?


11. Rad Spheres: Is anyone else seeing a trippy agate-inspired tattoo here? We love the contrast of bright and dark and are especially digging the watercolor and confetti-like layers.


12. Triangle: This faceted wonder combines bright colors and dark stripes in all the right ways.


13. Colorful Wolf: We love how the majestic creature gets the Crayola-bright touch in this gorgeous tattoo.


14. Inkblot: You can take the Rorschach test every day with this colorful inkblot masterpiece.


15. Lion: Whether you’re a Simba lover or astrologically identify as a Leo, this wild watercolor ink adds just the right amount of roar to the canvas that is your body.


16. Electricity: Isn’t this tattoo positively electrifying? It’s like a much more artistic version of the plasma globes of our youth.

17. Paper Airplanes: While these paper airplanes are on one person, we think they would make the most adorable BFF tats. Better yet, get one with your fave pen pal to always remind you to keep the snail mail trail going strong.

Which tat are you loving? Any other tattoo artists we should know about or feature in this series? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via @ondrashtattoo)