15 Friendship Tattoos That Aren’t Totally Cheesy
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15 Friendship Tattoos That Aren’t Totally Cheesy

Friendship necklaces are cool and all, but sometimes they’re just not enough to accurately represent the bond you and you bestie share. If that’s the case (and you’re 99% sure your BBF will actually be forever), a fun friendship tattoo might be in order. But before you head to the tattoo parlor with tiny heart outlines in mind, hold up a sec. There are so many other options. Whether it’s a pair of high-fiving kittens or a sleek, minimal design, there are so many awesome ways to rock a friendship tat. If you and your bestie are looking to get inked together, check out these 15 two-part tats for a dose of inspiration.

1. High Fiving Cats: If you two already have a secret handshake, this is kind of a must. (Photo via @amandarust95)

2. Origami Animals: Get your bestie’s favorite animal tattooed on you, but add a fun design-minded spin by substituting a basic portrait for some fun origami art. (Photo via @cassidyshay_tattoo)

3. Sweet and Simple: Minimal but oh-so chic. (Photo via @gz_tattoo)

4. Yin and Yang: Looking for a friendship idea that’s not just two matching images? Here’s an idea that comes together beautifully but is also super easy to hide. (Photo via @hippietattoos)

5. PB+J: If you’ve been best buds since childhood, celebrate the long-lasting bond with this kid favorite. (Photo via @nicholas_tattoos)

6. Boats and Planes: If you two are total opposites, here’s a cool way to show how you’re so very different but still totally the same. (Photo via @tattooist.jaem)

7. Tea Time: Friendship pun FTW. (Photo via @_kel_michelle)

8. Time Stamp: Mark the beginning of your friendship with this simple and sleek design. (Photo via @jess1granger)

9. Friends Fixation: Monica and Rachel, is that you? (Photo via @victoriantattoowaikiki)

10. Unicorn Hands: For the bestie duo who never really got over that Lisa Frank obsession. (Photo via @shibeaver)

11. Food Frenzy: Did you two bond over your love for Chipotle? Then this one’s for you. (Photo via @douchebgalo)

12. Avocado Adoration: Now this is true love. (Photo via @ekapoo)

13. Deathly Hallows: BFFs who read Harry Potter together get Harry Potter tattoos together. (Photo via @zo_bro)

14. Russian Dolls: Old school, meet new school. (Photo via @andiebillings)

15. Old School Art: Stick figures never looked so good. (Photo via @ancollachi)

Do you and your BFF have an awesome friendship tattoo? Share a picture with us in the comments below!