15 Tiny Tattoos You’re Going to Obsess Over
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15 Tiny Tattoos You’re Going to Obsess Over

The beauty of tattoos is that they can be as bold or subtle as you want. If you’re up for a full sleeve, go for it. But a full arm of ink certainly doesn’t have to be your only option. If you want to join the tattoo club but don’t want anything that’s going to be too noticeable, try something small that still manages to pack a big punch. Need a little bit of inspiration? Scroll on down to check out 15 stellar examples.

1. Pineapple Peace Sign: It’s like always having a little slice of paradise in the palm of your hand. (Photo via @nekotattooartstudio)

2. Mini Tree: For when your city living needs a little bit more nature. (Photo via @mrtott)

3. Hanger Heaven: Here’s one for all you fashionistas. (Photo via @kslpidrkrtmoda)

4. Yin and Yang: Looking for a friendship idea that’s not just two matching tats? Here’s an idea that comes together beautifully but is also super easy to hide. (Photo via @hippietattoos)

5. Ocean Inkling: No need to get a full ocean scene to proclaim your love for the sea. A simple wave will do the trick. (Photo via @kristinaamelie)

6. Antler Scene: So much detail, so little space. (Photo via @dr_woo_sec)

7. Tiny Lion: Supermodel Cara Delevingne’s tattoos seem to be growing exponentially, but our favorite just might be this tiny little lion. (via Bang Bang Tattoo)

8. Deathly Hallows: Harry Potter forever. (Photo via @meglev_)

9. The Tiniest Taco: Now every day is Taco Tuesday for this guy. (Photo via We Heart It)

10. Pixel Sized Painting: We’re totally digging this delicate take on Picasso’s “War and Peace.”(Photo via @staceyj66)

11. Hold Hands: Here’s an idea for a couple’s tattoo that’s not super corny. (Photo via @carinsilver)

12. Peter Pan Clan: Zip off to Neverland with this adorable, tiny tribute to the story of Peter Pan. (via @karabeara28)

13. Doggie Doodle: Those puppy pics you post to Instagram every day are cute, but here’s a way to permanently show off your pooch’s good looks. (Photo via @samanthamancino)

14. Straightened Arrow: Offering up a totally delicate option, Ellie Goulding rocks this whimsical arrow finger tattoo in white ink. (via @elliegoulding)

15. Quick Quotes: Here’s a simple way to express your love for literature. No scripted quote needed. (Photo via @mrtott)

Do you have a miniature tat? Share it with us in the comments below.