Ever since the announcement that Netflix was going to bring back Gilmore Girls , we鈥檝e been waiting patiently for any and all information related to our favorite mom and daughter duo. We鈥檝e learned that most of the cast has returned, and that principal filming has wrapped , so now we鈥檙e just waiting with bated breath for the official launch of A Year in the Life. Thanks to show co-star Keiko Agena鈥檚 Instagram, we鈥檝e got our first real snippet of dialogue.

Grand Opening of Larry Flynt's Hustler Club - Arrivals

Sharing a photo of her doing her post-production voice work (otherwise known as ADR), Keiko鈥檚 post includes a blurry screen behind her which includes a few little details that are getting us really excited. First of all, the episode is called Winter, and it looks like the opening scene is one with Keiko鈥檚 Lane and Rory herself! The dialogue has one of the friends saying to the other, 鈥淎h, you鈥檙e here!鈥

My #FirstLook at the episode. #gilmoregirls ADR. Good Job everybody!

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While we don鈥檛 know who鈥檚 saying this for sure, we do know it鈥檚 proof that Lane and Rory are together in the reboot. Maybe they鈥檙e getting together like usual or reuniting after a long separation. Even though we鈥檙e trying hard not to speculate too much, just the fact that we鈥檙e getting little bits and pieces from the cast is really exciting and making it even harder to wait for Netflix to release the show already!

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