So, it turns out, my first wedding anniversary is about a month away. Man, how time flies! I've been doing a ton of work trying to find a great gift and thought I'd share a few ideas I've had along the way, just in case any of you were in a similar predicament.

Given that the first anniversary is traditionally "paper" themed, a love poem might be the best way to go, but then again, we've already been there and done that. Here are a few other alternatives I'm looking into.


For Him:

Play into his adventurous personality by offering up one of many experiences from Cloud9Living. At the top of my list: race car driving, fighter plane flying, and paragliding.

For Her:

Guys, write this down in your memory: Every girl would LOVE a shopping trip to pick out a dress/heels, followed by a quick spa/beauty session, followed by a date night with her significant other. I'm not joking. This is every girl's dream. Why do you think we all love Pretty Woman so much? I don't know why more guys don't do this for their ladies. It's an easy, easy win.


For Him:

Download Karma and select from hundreds of items. He'll get a notice of the gift you got him via text message, email or Facebook and can exchange it if he wants something different. Better yet, give him the choice to choose his own gift from the start by curating a selection from Wantful. He'll receive an actual book from which he can choose out of the 16 options you made for him.

For Her:

Get her a Birchbox subscription for monthly beauty products, or a gift certificate to rent fabulous designer threads from Rent the Runway.


For Him:

1. As much as he loves waking up to you, he will also enjoy waking up to a more beautiful wood grain alarm dock for his iPhone. Browse other iPhone docks.

2. These handcrafted bow ties are charming and on the slightly rustic side. Great for an outdoor event, or for a city night, many of these have complementary ties and ascots. The standard bow ties are $32, while ascots and ties vary. Browse more awesome bow ties.

3. You don't have to wish iPhones were around in the 20s to get an antique-looking iPhone pocket. This genuine aged leather case ($99) is distressed by hand, making each pocket totally unique. Browse more iPhone wallets.

4. If he doesn't have an iPad yet, now's the perfect chance to get him one (of course, only if you have the cash — those things aren't cheap!). If he does have one, help him pimp it out with this Hardwood Desktop Workstation ($89). Browse other iPad keyboards.

For Her:

1. The Versetta ($89+) is the ultimate tech-meets-style bag collection for gals on the go. Browse more purses that double as laptop bags.

2. Your girl will love any pair of designer heels, but you can make your gift even more unique by getting her this pair of leather and wood sandals ($355). These types of shoes have been popping up on fashionistas everywhere lately and your gal should be one of them. Browse more wooden wearables.

3. Oh, hey there Kate. An iPhone wallet with bright colors and rich hues? Yes please. Also available in black patent leather. Rawr. (And for what it's worth, your girl will likely love ANYTHING from Kate Spade.)

4. An alarm clock that really pops! ;) The Day Maker is a double charging iPhone dock (perfect for all couples) that turns your iPhone into a piece of toast. Browse other iPhone docks.

5. Get your lady a gift that you both can enjoy! True & Co is a new company offering up an inventive way to shop for and buy bras. Out of the 16 or so bras they suggest, you choose 3 and you let their experts choose 2. Then, you pay a fully-refundable deposit of $45 to try on all 5. It's like Zappos or Warby Parker… for bras! Matching undies not included.


For Both:

Couples Snuggie for Two ($20) – For your cozy nights on the couch.

Leopard Print Pajama Warmer ($40) – Because nothing says sexy like a warm set of PJs.

Grill + Fondue Pot ($35) – Fondue straight from the grill! Just remember, if you buy this you should probably also make a fondue meal, too.


For Him:

Ladies, we all know that the easiest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Make him a candlelit dinner for two using one of our creative recipes.

For Her:

Guys, major points if you can figure out how to make her a pair of these duct tape feather earrings. Don't want to try? Okay fine, just buy a pair ($14) from our Fab sale — 2 days left! While you're there, you should also pick up a set of our Universal Party Glasses ($43). Pair it with a nice bottle of wine (and/or some hard alcohol) to enjoy for your special night.

What other creative gifts have you ever given to your significant other on your anniversary? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Twitter!