Pat McGrath is gearing up to release the perfect matte lipstick, Lust Matte Trance 鈥 perfect meaning one that is creamy, not drying, and richly pigmented without bleeding. She had 12 criteria that the lippie had to meet. That certainly sounds like a tall order, but if anyone can deliver, it鈥檚 the award-winning celeb makeup artist. McGrath has put lipstick on numerous famous faces, and she just dropped a killer tip on her preferred method of application.

No fancy makeup brushes here! Rather, the MUA told The Cut that she applies lipstick with her index finger. 鈥淚t鈥檚 always this one,鈥 she said, holding up her hand. Who knew?! 鈥淵ou want to really stamp it on there,鈥 Jenna Kuchera, a member of McGrath鈥檚 team, tells The Cut, and don鈥檛 be too dainty about it either. Using a good amount of pressure to apply the color will 鈥渇eather鈥 the pigment out and actually adhere it to all the lines of your lips for a more natural look.

Another pro-tip from McGrath is that before putting on your lip hue, use 鈥渁 foundation brush to apply a light layer of cream concealer over the lips.鈥 This gives you a blank slate so that your product鈥檚 color can really shine.

Lust Matte Trance will retail for $38 a pop or $93 for a trio, and will come in nine shades, including reds, nudes, and darker, edgier tones. The new release drops July 13 when it becomes available on her website first, and if you miss that (her drops sell out quicker than Kylie Jenner鈥檚), the new lipstick will also be available at Sephora on July 28.

Until then, practice applying your favorite shade of lipstick to your pucker with your index finger.

Who would have expected that from a makeup artist? We surely didn鈥檛. Tweet us after you try it @BritandCo.

(h/t The Cut; Photo via John Lamparski, Theo Wargo/Getty)