Meghan Markle鈥檚 evolution from Hollywood star to British royalty continues! Just weeks into her marriage to Prince Harry, some people think the Duchess of Sussex is even starting to sound more royal.

On June 14, Twitter user Aya El Zeiny posted a video that shows Duchess Meghan greeting the crowd during her first solo public appearance with Queen Elizabeth II in Cheshire, England.

As Markle shook hands with thrilled fans, she asked them their names and responded to compliments, saying, 鈥淭hank you, I appreciate that. Thank you so much. That鈥檚 so kind. That鈥檚 so nice of you to say.鈥 When someone made a comment about her wedding, which had taken place about a month before, the newlywed told them, 鈥淲e all had a great day, I think. The sun was shining for us. Very lucky all around.鈥

Although the video was posted several weeks ago, it鈥檚 receiving renewed attention now because some people think it sounds like she鈥檚 starting to develop a bit of a British accent. It鈥檚 difficult to tell for sure, but her inflection on certain words, like 鈥渁ll,鈥 does seem slightly different.

Of course, it鈥檚 not uncommon to pick up a hint of an accent when you鈥檙e living in another country. But some have speculated that a change in inflection might intentional.

Back in May, The London Times reported that the queen鈥檚 senior palace adviser Samantha Cohen was teaching the new Duchess of Sussex how to be a royal. It鈥檚 not clear whether Cohen鈥檚 guidance includes elocution tips, but it certainly wouldn鈥檛 be unheard of.

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(photo via Yui Mok/WPA Pool/Getty Images)