As cameras on our smartphones have become increasingly better live streaming our lives has become more and more popular. There’s practically a dozen outlets to share what’s happening in our day-to-day at any given moment but one that is looking to claim its spot as number one is Twitter’s Periscope. As Apple is holding its fall event live today (follow along on our live blog here) rumors have started to swirl that the streaming source could be coming to the new Apple TV.

apple tv

According to sources, Periscope is developing an app for the next generation of Apple TV for users to watch live streams of people’s lives — like NYFW runways or BTS action at awards shows — broadcasted straight onto their big screen TV while lounging on the couch or under the covers in bed.


The new Periscope outlet would take on the form it has on the web, having the ability to watch live streams without actually streaming yourself (you gotta DL the app to participate in that task).

As for now this info is all up in the air, but a pretty solid assumption as Apple is expected to be going big with its new Apple TV. So stay tuned to our Apple Event live blog to see what comes of these rumors ;)

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(h/t TechCrunch, photo via Apple)