Pi-Top combines a lot of our Brit + Co loves, including, but not limited to, DIY projects, 3D printing, the Internet and crowdfunding campaigns. It’s a Rasperry Pi laptop kit that you make yourself. As you work on it, you learn how to make 3D printed circuit boards and create real hardware, making it perfect for you DIYers as well as a fun project for families to work on together. It’s currently funding on Indiegogo, where the project has already met its goal with a few weeks to spare.

Pi-Top is a platform and hardware kit that’s a teaching tool first and foremost. The kit includes lesson plans and little workshops to help you gain a working understanding of electronics, circuit boards and 3D printing. It’s built for beginners, so it’s intended to be accessible and easy to assemble. There’s no major construction involved, so you should be able to assemble Pi-Top in one evening.

It doesn’t stop there though. Once you’ve assembled your kit, they encourage you to keep building on that knowledge, designing additional products, coding hardware and more. You can even collaborate with others on projects and share your work. You could use data from your environment to create automated devices in your house or design, build and code your own personal robot!

A lot of our favorite bundles are already sold out, but we’re thinking we’d be into the Pi-Top HAT bundle which can be yours for a contribution of $399 and is expected to deliver in May 2015.

Have you ever tried to build your own computer? Let us know how it turned out!