Welcome to another episode of Pies + DIYs! I’m sure you can guess what this series is all about — doing DIYs while eating pie :) You can tune in every Wednesday to pick what DIY project I (Kelly) will make LIVE! I only have three tools and six materials to work with to create the DIY of your choice. Hope to see you all there!

This week we took out our gloves and white t-shirts to create some tie dye patterns for summer! What I love about tie dye is (with the right combination of colors) it will always turn out cool. (With the wrong color combination it will turn brown and then that won’t be cute.) There are tons of ways to fold a shirt to create an awesome pattern. Follow along in the video or below to recreate the two patterns we did on Pies + DIYS.

To create a spiral pattern, pinch the center of the shirt and start twisting until the shirt is in a disk shape. Place rubber bands around the shirt keeping it in the disc shape. Soak in water and then drench in dye. Let it sit for 2-24 hours before rinsing out the dye — the shirt will be more vibrant and the color will last longer if you let the dye sit for a good amount of time.

To create the triangle pattern, accordion fold the shirt into a long rectangle. Fold the bottom edge up to create a triangle. Accordion fold the triangle pattern until you get to the top of the shirt. Cut two triangles from cardboard, place one on each side of the folded shirt, and secure with rubber bands. Drench in water and then cover in dye.

I’m going to be honest — tie dye is messy. So if you love the look but can’t handle the mess, try ice tie dye or spray dye.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week!

XO Kelly