July 4th is almost here and there is no better way to set the scene than with festive, fireworks-inspired placemats — we’ve even come up with the easiest way to make them so they are completely washable and reusable! From messy BBQs to Sunday Fundays, we’ve got you and your tables covered ;)


– cotton fabric

– spray dye (we used red, blue and navy)

– gloves

 – scissors

– sewing machine

– rubber bands

– iron

– pencil


1. Fold fabric in half, measure and cut a 14 x 20 inch rectangle.

2. Sew almost all the sides but leave a five inch space to turn right side out.

3. After turning the placemat right side out, iron all the creases and corners. Sew the remaining hole closed.

4. Time to tie dye!

Technique 1: Grab from the center and tie rubber bands about every inch or so.

Technique 2: Grab in the center and swirl fabric to create a disc. Rubber band around the disk.

Technique 3: Grab small sections and tie off with rubber bands.

5. Spray dye! Make sure you get in all the small crevices.

6. Let dry and then un-wrap.

7. Iron and then set up your 4th of July BBQ!

Let’s get making!

Fold the fabric in half, measure and cut a 14 x 20 inch rectangle. Since we are making a placemat, try to use a more durable cotton.

Sew around almost all three sides, leaving about a five inch opening to flip the placemat right-side out. Iron the corners and sew the remaining hole.

Time to tie (spray) – dye! For the first technique you are going to grab the placemat in the center and tie rubber bands down about every inch. This will give you a bullseye effect.

Technique #2 is a swirl. Grab the fabric in the center and spin. Use the rubber bands to wrap around the disc shaped fabric to keep it in place.

Technique #3 is fireworks! Grab small sections and tie off with rubber bands.

All tied — now time for the dye!

Spray the dye onto the fabric. Depending on the thickness of your cotton you will need to massage the color into the fabric. Pro tip: Open up the creases and get the dye into as many crevices as you can! By doing so you will get the best possible results.

Once you’ve let the dye sit and soak in for about 30 mins, remove the rubber bands.

Ta-dah! Check out our spiral, bullseye and firework tie dye!

The empty white space occurs when you don’t fill in the crevices. Try to fill as many as possible for a dynamic tie dye effect!

Let’s put these babies to work!

Placemats will also work as table runners. This will jazz up any BBQ for sure.

Yes please!

Do you have any decorating tips for the 4th of July? Tell us in the comments below!