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The Brit + Co Show Podcast

The Brit + Co Show

Welcome to The Brit + Co Show, a podcast that aims to inspire you to break out of your comfort zone, boldly pursue your passions, and take action to make a change in your life or in the world. We are letting you in on a little’ve totally got this!

To kick things off, we've launched a second installment of our Be the Change series — this time, in the form of a podcast. Through a series of challenges, we pushed our readers to do something bold and to help make a difference in the world — from easy to hard. And now we're back talking to change-makers and trailblazers from a variety of fields.

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Let’s Debunk Everything We’ve Ever Learned About Being Over-Achievers

Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code, founded this groundbreaking organization to help closet the gender gap in tech after seeing firsthand a lack of diversity in computer classrooms. In this episode, Brit chats with Reshma about how she believes we all need to fail a little more. As someone who has failed BIG many times herself, Reshma is now a world famous TED speaker on how to live a brave — not perfect — life. She’ll also detail her thoughts about Girls Who Code and where the next generation is heading with their own imperfections. You’ll leave the episode dying to have the chance to fail, and then fail again — we promise!

We’ll also hear from L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth nominees Betty Mohlenbrock and Laura Reiss about how their programs go above and beyond to empower others. Laura Reiss started Samaritans365, an organization that educates children as to the importance of being kind to themselves and to others and Betty Mohlenbrock founded Reading Legacies, an organization dedicated to facilitating shared-reading experiences to improve vulnerable youth's reading skills and increase self-esteem.

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Because Not All of Us Are a Size 2

Model Iskra Lawrence made body positivity her mission after suffering from eating disorders and body dysmorphia. In this episode, Brit talks with Lawrence about how she uses her social-media stardom and her EveryBODY YouTube channel to help promote healthy confidence, self-care, body diversity, and more realistic representations of beauty in media. Growing up in between a size 6 and a size 12, she recounts how she didn’t fit into the typical modeling playbook, and how she single-handedly changed the rules. She also provides her tips to maintaining your sanity as it relates to the anxieties and fears we face about our body sizes.

We’ll also hear from L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth nominees Carolyn Keller, Holly Jacobs and Genevieve Chase about how their organizations go above and beyond to empower others. Genevieve Chase founded American Women Veterans, an organization dedicated to serving, honoring, and empowering military women, veterans, and their families. Holly Jacobs of Cyber Civil Rights Initiative advocates for technological, social, and legal innovation to fight online abuse. Carolyn Keller founded EBeauty to provide all women access to wigs in order to restore their self-image and confidence during cancer treatments.

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How a Hispanic Rocket Scientist Blazed Her Own Path to Become the Leader of the Girl Scouts

Lessons Learned From Decades of Building Companies and Discovering Oneself

In our first episode, Brit chats with former Vice Chair and CMO of General Electric, Beth Comstock, about how to be bold, creative and do things differently. Beth will recount her own career journey as well as provide tips and advice for how other women can grow their careers to reach the C-suite. Named to the Forbes 100 list TWICE in her life, we are all ears.

We also hear from two L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth nominees, Hannah Dehradunwala and Shreya Mantha about how their organizations go above and beyond to empower others. Hannah founded Transfernation, an on-demand service that diverts food from landfills and distributes it to local homeless shelters, church feeding programs, and soup kitchens. Shreya started Foundation for Girls, a youth-led social venture that endeavors to change the life trajectory for at-risk girls and youth.

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Introducing Season One: Be The Change