Whether you鈥檙e after beach waves or just want your locks smooth and sleek, giving yourself the gift of a blowout is a no-brainer 鈥 until booking a last-minute appointment at the salon gets too expensive. Save your money while still having a head-turning hairstyle with a new app that鈥檚 like ClassPass for blowouts.

Launched in April, PR脢TE users pay a flat fee for a set number of styling seshes (ranging from one blowout costing $35 to an unlimited amount at $169 each month) based on trusted, local salons鈥 availability. PR脢TE, the brainchild of former publicist Nina Ojeda, is currently available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Nashville, with plans to expand to more cities, including Dallas and Chicago, very soon.

In the name of journalism, we gave Prete a try 鈥 and documented the blowout on Facebook Live. Check out the video below to see Rocky from San Francisco-based Cinta Salon demo exactly how to position a hairbrush to maximize your style (FYI, it鈥檚 probably different than what you鈥檙e used to), which brushes are best for different hair types, and more pointers to keep your mane looking on point.

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