Let’s be real: It takes a lot of arm strength and flexibility to hold a blow dryer AND style our hair all at once. Sometimes just getting your hair dry feels like an accomplishment. But when Valentine’s Day rolls around, we can’t help but go the extra the mile with our beauty regimen. If you’re skipping the blowout appointment this year, check out this inspo for all hair types to make you feel like you strutted right out of the salon this Valentine’s Day.


1. The Drybar DIY Series: Drybar has become nationally recognized as the go-to salon for blowouts, but they’ve also got a DIY series you can use to recreate some of their classic looks. Whether you want a smooth and sleek look or big curls, they give you all the tips and tricks you need. (via Drybar)

cupcake and cashmere blowout

2. Sleek and Classy: This step-by-step guide keeps your look minimal for any V-Day event, but gives you the confidence that makes you feel like you just walked out of the salon. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)


3. Long Hair: There’s no doubt that a blowout for long hair takes extra time and diligence. This super-helpful guide will help you master it one section at a time. (via A Cup of Jo)


4. Curly Hair: When it’s too cold to let your curls air dry, it’s a legitimate fear for a curly-hair gal to take on the diffuser. With the right products, you can show frizz the front door. (via Free People Blog)

5. Curly Hair Gone Straight: On the other hand, if you’ve got natural curls but you want to rock straight hair, then this blowout was made for you. (via Jaleesa Moses)


6. The Minimalist Blowout: If you’re all about keeping hair supplies to a minimum, this blowout doesn’t even require a hairbrush — seriously! (via NYMag)


7. Five-Minute Blowout: This five-minute hack will be the ultimate lifesaver when a reservation is calling your name. (via Brit + Co)


8. Bangs: Don’t forget about your bangs when you’re choosing the perfect blowout. Your selfie game will be on point with perfectly styled bangs that frame your face just right. (via Camille Styles)

9. The Perfect Twist: A frizz-free head of hair = living the dream, and this tutorial can help turn it into a reality. (via NaturalNeiicy)


10. Work It Out: Don’t let a blowout prevent you from keeping up with your fitness routine. With just a few steps, your hair will stay looking fresh throughout Valentine’s Day weekend. (via Birchbox)

Are you styling your hair for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments.