You don’t need me to tell you there’s an app where you can watch all that #MarchMadness sports stuff (sorry, guys, I’m a Syracuse fan, so sitting this year out :-X) so I won’t. Instead, let’s talk about a handful of beautiful new apps from this week, including two photo apps we just couldn’t choose between, an app that lets you make things appear IRL and a new app that wants to show you the weather in a way you might want to see it — even if spring looks 37 degrees and cloudy where you live.


1. Priime: You take the pretty shots of your friend’s silhouette against a beautiful nature-y backdrop and the snaps of that glorious sunset, and this photo app will suggest the perfect pro photographer-crafted filters to take your pics to the next level. Made by photographers for shutterbugs such as yourself, gorgeous filters with names like “sunbeam,” “elk” and “rebellion” just might inspire you to take better pictures to begin with.

DL It: Free on iOS, sale on filters


2. Tether: We’ve been talking about iBeacons and IoT for the last year or so, and this app for your Mac and iPhone connects your devices so the two know when the other is around. Probably most useful to hook up to your computer at work, especially if you’re in an open desk situation, the app on your smartphone will launch the screensaver on your computer once you walk away from it. When you’re close to your computer again, it will automatically unlock. The app is not flawless, but with every tech blog showing it some love, we hope it will give us a bug-fixing update in return.

DL It: Free on iOS


3. Weather: Universal Forecast: We were going to give Carrot’s new weather app a shoutout this week, but there needs to be some love for the Androids among us, amirite? This weather app ,available on both platforms (but more polished in its Android version), takes the swiping function (a little more Snapchat than Tinder tho) we love so much and brings it to the world of meteorology. The forecast is displayed on colorful, bright screens that you can swipe through for more information, more cities and at least eventually more sunshine.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


4. Enlight: There are gorgeous photo apps and there are beautiful art apps, and this one is actually a bit of both. Taking things past your standard filter picker, this download bills itself as every photo app you use or ever wanted to use in one place. And that big claim is, well, true. You can perfect photos in one step with simple Photoshop-like improvements and Instagram-esque filters. From there, personalize, paint and add anything from decals to special effects to your picture, which is now in the masterpiece category. You’re welcome.

DL It: $3.99 on iOS


5. Woodpost: With the tagline “woodprinting, made for mobile” this is a Brit + Co app made in downloadable heaven. Forget those apps that let you print out your photos — this recent addition to the App Store lets you print out your photos on sustainable plywood. Make wall art, something special for your desk or a sweet gift, and preserve the pictures that would normally live and die only on your phone, thanks to a few taps on your phone. Genius!

DL It: Free on iOS

What was your favorite app of the week? Share below!