So you’ve got a brand-new camera and no idea what to start shooting or how. No worries, shutterbug. It’s all about practice. Whether you’re shooting people, food, animals, fashion, or even giving someone direction on how to photograph you, there are plenty of techniques that professional photographers employ to make pics pop. Borrow some photoshoot ideas from those who’ve mastered the art.

photoshoot ideas

When shooting items like jewelry and shoes, remember: strange settings can be the best settings. You don’t have to shoot your retro peep-toe collection in the closet or even on your feet. What about shooting them on a bed of ice as if they were oysters, or lined up on a brick wall to create a contrast between the gritty and the polished? Hang earrings and necklaces from a tree as if they were ornaments, or nestled in a fresh, green lawn. The juxtaposition of handmade and natural elements are just what makes the photo so unique. Crafters on etsy have some of the most inspired product shots around, so wander through a few of their virtual shops for fresh ideas.

When it comes to people — including you — it’s all about angles. Click through your favorite style blogs for posing inspo; professional bloggers tend to know the tricks that make their faces and figures look best. Depending on the mood you’re trying to achieve, makeup can be your best friend. Plenty of makeup tutorials are available by our favorite YouTube stars, but you can also go over-the-top and use exaggerated makeup applications to add intentional edginess.

Photographing food? Instagram is your ideal destination for styling and shooting tricks. Food photogs tend to gravitate toward IG, and while the overhead trend gets a little too much play these days, food enthusiasts tend to be very innovative. Search by hashtag to hunt down some of the biggest foodie talents.

Animals can be challenging to shoot. No matter how hard you beg, Fido’s not going to strike a pose. It’s best to go the candid route and shoot as many frames as you can in hopes that you’ll end up with a few keepers. Don’t be afraid to get down on the ground and play with your pup or kitty, like many animals photographers do. She’s more likely to react to your cues and give you more opportunities to capture a priceless moment.

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