There’s nothing like hearing the words “Cute bag!” from the coffee shop barista, salesperson at your fave store and your brunch-time besties to perk up your pocketbook confidence. Handbags are the one kind of baggage that it’s totally okay to hold onto, at least until you realize your handbag collection is outgrowing your studio apartment or your barely-there closet. Rather than toss your most trusted accessories in favor of space, make the most of your storage with these 12 hacks to organize your purses like a pro.


1. Hall That: You can pop a handful of hooks just about anywhere in your apartment and use them to hang purses. Add a shelf with hooks to that little nook in your room or hall to give it a burst of color with the added power of storage. (via Apartment Therapy)


2. Knock on Wood: A set of wall hooks doesn’t have to be basic and this slice of grainy wood proves it. It’ll be a sturdy holder for all your bags and accessories, and it will add an element of rustic charm that goes with everything. (via The Everygirl)


3. Cube Got This: Simple, square storage units can hold just about anything, including your bags. You can use the compartments to sort by color, size and style, taking your #organizationalgoals to an entirely new level. (via The Container Store)


4. Pull Ups: Drawer pulls are easy and cheap to come by at vintage shops, flea markets and hardware stores. There’s plenty of room to customize the look, whether you want to match your walls or complement them with a little DIY paint job. Grab a handful to attach to your wall and voila — up goes your entire bag collection. (via A Beautiful Mess)


5. Bath and Beyond: Shower curtain hooks don’t discriminate. They’ll hang on your closet shelving rods without slipping and falling. Simply bend them so they face in the direction you want your purses to hang. (via Homemade by Carmona)


6. Basket Case: You can find decorative storage boxes at just about any store, and they just so happen to be the perfect-sized bin for your small handbags and clutches. You can slide them onto closet shelving, under your bed or even on top of a desk or dresser if you’re really pressed for space. Bonus: The exterior adds a cute little punch of pattern to your decor. (via Apartment Therapy)

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7. Roll Out: If you have an old dresser lying around — or if you find one for cheap at a yard sale or flea market — you’re halfway to prime purse storage. Simply remove the drawers and screw some wheels into their bottoms. Then place them under your bed to create an easily accessible and easily hidden home for your bags. If your bed’s underbelly doesn’t hide the drawers, have fun with a quick paint job in a color that complements your bedding and decor. (via Kuzak’s Closet)


8. The Great Divide: Clear plastic dividers can work wonders as you organize your shelves. They keep bags upright without inhibiting your view as you search for the perfect one. Matching wall-mounted display shelves will keep your clutches in place and on display. (via Polished Habitat)

ArtSymphony_organizing your closet

9. Dress It Up: Serious purse hoarders might need to invest in an entire dresser for their bags and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. For an even more fun look, lose the dresser doors and show off your collection. (via Good Housekeeping)


10. Perfect Landing: If there’s an awkward empty area at the top of your stairs, turn it into a home for your bags. Add a shelf and a few pieces of sassy art to help define the space. (via Live It. Love It. Make It.)


11. Clutch Move: Dividers really do come in handy: They allow you to stack a bunch of clutches right next to your stand-up bags without creating an unfortunate purse avalanche. Try a few ways to organize them and figure out the system that works best for you. (via The View From 5’2”)


12. Explore the Door: If all else fails, this pre-made purse holder slides right over your door and makes use of an otherwise wasted surface in your closet or bedroom. If you’ve already got shoes or jeans hanging on the inside, use the outside of the door for your bags. Your purse display will add texture and color rather than clutter. (via Organize It)

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