When you’ve got your eye on that affordable summer vacation, giving up your ClassPass membership and putting off new spring athleisure purchases might seem like the right things to do. But that doesn’t mean your only alternative is turning into a permanent couch potato. Here are five of YouTube’s best exercise routines to work your entire body, five minutes at a time (seriously), no equipment required. Work it, girl!

1. Quick Total-Body Workout: This is a great video to lead off with if you’re just jumping back into a workout routine after some significant Netflix downtime. You’ll do five moves in five minutes, and each has a modified (easier and harder) variation if you start feeling like you can’t keep up or are getting bored. Plus, you start the first move — the Marching Glute Bridge — on your back. It’s like lying down, but with exercise! (via Women’s Health)

2. 5-Minute Bodyweight Workout: Anna Renderer, the host of PopSugar Fitness, can always be counted on for a great workout, upbeat attitude and major workout outfit inspo. This video is no exception, and has you going from jumping-jacks into advanced moves right from the start. Moves like the “pike and scissor jack” combo will have your muscles screaming, but you’ll feel amazing when it’s done. (via PopSugar Fitness)

3. 5-Minute Total Body Workout: Of course working out is healthy, but let’s be honest — getting a slammin’ strong bod is at least part of the motivation. This five-minute routine puts the emphasis on your sexy zones, with moves that work the abs, arms, legs, glutes and chest. If you do have access to some light weights, the hosts will show you how to incorporate them into the workout for bonus moves that will really turn up the heat. (via Shan Boody)

4. Total Body Pilates 5-Minute Workout: Sick of cardio and HIIT workouts, but not sure what else is out there that will be as effective? Pilates is a great way to build strength and flexibility throughout the entire body. This five-minute video is the perfect introductory trial to see if you even like the technique before you commit to coughing up the cash for studio classes. (via DietHealth)

5. 5-Minute Full Body Power Workout: Workout videos are great, but sometimes, all the fitness jargon the hosts throw around can get a little bit cheesy. So if you’re not feeling it, put on this video that is all show and no tell. Ky Evans of The Studio demonstrates a series of intense, shoulder-sculpting plank-based moves without uttering a single word about “bikini bodies” or “feeling the burn.” (via Mixed Makeup)

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