Saying that ClassPass hasn鈥檛 totally revolutionized the way we work out would kind of be like saying Tinder hasn鈥檛 changed the way we swipe 鈥 erm, date. The popular app offers a nearly endless array of great workout classes across the country聽and lets you seamlessly book a reservation in that popular spin or yoga class straight from your phone or computer. ClassPass members try an average of 15 new classes, so it鈥檚 a great tool for adding some聽variety to your workout.聽We tapped ClassPass鈥 public relations manager, Ashley Hennings, for insider tips that鈥檒l help you make the most of your聽Classpass membership.


1. Follow your friends. Studies show that having a workout buddy not only keeps you more accountable to making it to an exercise class, but they motivate you to work harder too. ClassPass makes it easy to see if you can聽make a sweat session date. 鈥淵ou can share a personalized link with your friends so that they can see your schedule and vice versa,鈥 Ashley says.

2. Search by amenities. Say goodbye to stressing over flat聽gym hair before meeting up with your girlfriends for guac and margs. 鈥淚n addition to being able to search by time, location and class type, you can also search by amenities, which makes finding a class with a shower to use before heading to happy hour much easier,鈥 says Ashley.

3. Get into that sold-out class. 鈥淚f there is a specific class you couldn鈥檛 get into, it鈥檚 a good idea to check 12 hours before the class. That鈥檚 the magic window when people have to cancel by if they can鈥檛 make it and often times a number of spots open up, so be sure to try again then if there鈥檚 a class you鈥檙e really looking to sneak into!鈥 offers Hennings.

4. Live on the west coast? Try this for smaller crowds.聽鈥淲est Coast ClassPass members preferred pilates and strength training in the morning,鈥 says Ashley. So if you prefer less crowded classes, you might want to try your look at booking an afternoon or evening class in these areas. East Coasters, you鈥檙e going to have some spin competition. 鈥淓ast Coast users loved their cycling classes no matter the time or day!鈥澛燗shley shared.

5. Try a rowing class.聽鈥淐lassPass predicts that 2016 will be the year of rowing. We saw the greatest month over month growth of sign-ups for rowing-based strength classes from August to the end of 2015,鈥 Ashley offers.聽With ClassPass, you can explore new horizons and try multiple studios like CityRow in New York or RowClub in San Francisco. All while still getting your weekly fix of barre, cycling or yoga for the same monthly price.

6. Tap into ClassPass when you travel.聽Worried your blah hotel gym will push you off the exercise train? Ashley has great news for ClassPassers.聽鈥淢embers are able to use their membership in any of our 39 cities globally when they鈥檙e traveling at no extra charge. By switching your location in account settings, you can book classes up to a week in advance for an upcoming trip.鈥

7. Take a rest day on Tuesday. 鈥淭uesday was the most popular day to work out for ClassPass users,鈥 Ashley reveals. If you know your studio is frequented by ClassPass members, you might want to make Tuesday your designated rest day.

8. Make $20. 鈥淣ow you and your friend will each get $20 when you refer a friend聽to join,鈥 says Ashley. And we don鈥檛 know about you, but we think it鈥檚 way more fun to work out with your friends or partner in crime.

9. Sync classes to your calendar. 鈥淎fter reserving a class, a confirmation pops up that has an option to 鈥榓dd to Google Calendar.鈥 Do this so it鈥檚 easy to keep track of classes with all your other obligations,鈥 advises Hennings. Also, having your workout classes pop up on your calendar helps聽keep you accountable to your workout plan, since you鈥檒l see you鈥檙e booked for yoga or pilates every time you scroll through your week鈥檚 events.

10. Explore new studios. 鈥淚f you click the 鈥榮tudios鈥 tab, all the most recent studios that have been added are listed at the top with a tile that indicates they鈥檙e new, so it鈥檚 easy to see what fresh and exciting offerings are available.鈥 Make it a goal to try one of the new offerings at least once a week to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and possibly discover your new favorite workout.

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