For seven seasons, the menacing ladies of Pretty Little Liars have stirred up some seriously sinister storylines — and we’ve loved every minute of it. But now, it’s all coming to an end. Though this may mean that Simone Biles has missed out on her chance to hang with the PLL gang on set, she’ll still be able to throw an epic send-off party for one of our fave shows. And she won’t be the only one watching the summer finale as fans take to Twitter to express their excitement, disappointment and speculation over tonight’s big event.

Pretty Little Liars

With news out that season seven will be the last for PLL and the trailer for tonight’s summer finale released, we know that there’s a very good chance that a major character will be offed sooner rather than later — and supposedly in a way that no one will expect. What is Jenna going to do with that gun? Are the girls at the end of their ropes? “Alison, is that you?” Eee! Sounds goooood! And hardcore fans agree.

With a mix of over-the-top excitement, speculation over who’s meeting their untimely end and one dude who even took the night off work to watch the big event, check out the wild reactions the #PLLFinale and #PLLDeathTrap are sparking on social media.

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