You might want to buy all your girlfriends a bottle of red (complete with DIY label), because we’ve got some good news about red wine. Science Daily reports that a compound found in red wine may help prevent the memory decline that comes with old age. We definitely want to remember our BFFs’ names when we’re 80 years old, so drink up, ladies.


We knew that the antioxidant resveratol has been found to be helpful in preventing heart disease, but it turns out it can do more than replace your workout session. A recent study found that treatment with the antioxidant helped older rats with their ability to learn, remember and even put them in better moods. The researchers called the results “striking,” though some of us may not be so surprised ;) The study found that the the growth and development of neurons in the treated rats nearly doubled when compared to the control rats.

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So what does this mean? Treatment with resveratol (aka drinking red wine) could help slow down memory loss in the elderly and those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. Combine this with improving blood flow in the brain and preventing heart disease, and we have more than enough reasons to add a glass of red to our nightly House Hunters ritual.

Will you be adding a glass of red wine to your routine? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Science Daily)