Like the rest of the iPhone-toting world, when it comes time to upgrade, the camera is the first thing we check out. If you’re like us and upgraded from the 3 to the 5, it was as if our phone camera got glasses. Finally, it could see like all the other kids in the class! Relonch Camera goes a step further. It’s a special camera that attaches to iPhone 5 and 6 models, making it nearly impossible to take anything but the highest quality images. In fact, that’s basically their motto: “It would be really hard to take a trashy photo.”

Most of us use our phone camera often (too often?) to take photos of everything from food to friends. You might have a DSLR, but that bulky thing probably only leaves the house on special occasions. Because using your phone, which you have with you every second of every day, is so much easier than grabbing a camera that doesn’t fit in your handbag. Relonch recognized that a lot of people were shooting with their phones (even pros!) and developed a product to increase the camera capabilities of the iPhone in a different way than other supplemental phone lenses out there.

Relonch decided to focus on the photography and not the pixels (most Instagrams are only 0.4 megapixels, by the way). It’s meant to give the iPhone camera a big advantages so it delivers magazine-quality pictures even in low-light situations. The case also acts as a portable charger, juicing up your phone while you’re snapping away. One of the most interesting things about Relonch is their Guru feature. It’s an on-demand service where a professional will literally walk you through your exact photo (they see your app’s screen through the shooting process) and how to get the best results. Pretty nifty!

While it’s not available in stores yet, Relonch is available for pre-order with shipping expected to start late 2015. It retails for $499.

Would you invest in this iPhone camera? Let us know why or why not!