So you’re pretty sure you’re getting an iPhone 5 for Christmas (or maybe you’re lucky enough to have already gotten one for Chanukah). One of the best things about the new iPhone is that there are already countless gadgets that make it even more fun, and this is especially true for you iPhoneographers out there.

Our friends at Photojojo are here with a collection of the best of the best phoneography gadgets to add to your list last minute. Or, if you’re really sure what’s in that package, you might want to go ahead and pick them up for yourself. Plus, we’re offering an exclusive discount code that gets you 10% off these very gadgets in the Photojojo store! More on that later.

1. The iPhone Lens Wallet ($75): A clever clutch designed to carry an arsenal of cell phone lenses. From macro to telephoto and wide angle to fisheye, you can make your vision come true with nothing but this fully stocked wallet.

2. The Glif+ ($30): This minimalist stand is exactly what you need to be able to mount your iPhone on a full-size tripod. It’s extra secure and clamps your iPhone in place, so no need to worry even during daring shoots.

3. The Lens Dial ($249): This pro quality system makes switching lenses and effects a breeze while packing some serious optical punch. The aluminum jacket even has two built in tripod mounts for either portrait or landscape images.

4. The Fisheye Lens ($25): Catch 180-degree pictures, with this simple to use magnetic lens. It works with almost any phone, using a thin adhesive ring.

5. The Holga 9-in-1 Lens ($30): One case, nine cool Holga effects. And no apps required for any of these filters!

6. The 12x Telephoto iPhone Lens ($60): This bad boy gets you a dozen times closer pictures without losing a lot of image quality. It even comes with a tiny collapsible tripod for the best composed shots.

7. The Swivl ($179): We’ve got nothing but good things to say about the Swivl. It’s a miniature all in one camera crew, with a remote sensor that’ll track your every move.

8. The SLR Mount ($249): This is iPhoneography big guns. It allows you to turn your iPhone into a DSLR with serious depth of field as well as manual focus.

9. The iPhone Cable Trigger ($23): Shoot from afar with this film-themed shutter release, with a retractable cable that extends up to 30 inches.

10. The Wide Angle/Macro Lens ($20): Fit twice as much into your photos, or capture teeny tiny detail, both with this one magnetic lens.

And, as we mentioned we’re offering an exclusive Brit + Co. discount code on on all of these iPhone (and Android) phoneography gadgets at the Photojojo store! Take 10% off all those awesome items you’ve been saving on your wishlist, or stocking up on gifts for friends and family. The code is BRITCOJO and is valid through Wednesday December 19th at 11:59pm, just in time for holiday shipping.

When you checkout, simply enter BRITCOJO where it asks for a coupon or gift code in your shopping cart and you’ll be good to go.

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