Ready to go retro? For our next hair hack, we’re taking our marketing maven Cecelia on a journey through the ’30s, ’50s, and ’70s. You might think that some of the typical retro styles are a little too vintage, but we assure you that you can totally modernize them with a few subtle twists of your wave iron! :) Follow along to see how it’s done.

We’ll start with the ’30s. While the roaring ’20s was all about the wave, the ’30s jammed out on the pin curl. But you don’t have to turn your head into a helmet to rock this look! The photos correspond to the following steps starting with the upper left photo.

1. Start with air-dried hair.

2. Using a curling iron, start at the top section of hair and imagine you are working in a U-shape from one side of your head to the other.

3. Curl the hair in the same direction for the first half of the U-shape.

4. Curl in the opposite direction for the second half of your U.

5. Take out curls and separate with your fingers. Then gently backcomb the bottom.

6. Twist the ends of the your hair into little buns.

7. And pin them up!

8. Here’s looking at you, kid!

9. It’s sort of like a faux bob, all dressed up.

Next up, let’s pay an homage to the original gorgeous redhead, Lucille Ball.

1. Start by curling up those bangs.

2. Place waves in the top section of your hair around your whole head.

3. Twist up the top portion that you just made wavy.

4. Pin it to create the looped curls at the top.

5. Keep on curling!

6. Place the middle back section of your hair in a pony and curl.

7. Take the left section of hair, back comb for extra volume, then cross it up and over to the right side of your head. Pin in the shape of pin curls.

8. Repeat this in the opposite direction with the right section of hair.

9. Smooth over using Tigi Bed Head Stick.

And finally, go for a Charlie’s Angels-inspired look by feathering your hair.

1. Let’s go ’70s on those locks!

2. Using a flat iron, start by flipping out your bangs (if you have them).

3. Take the next section of hair and place a bend directly where your bangs end.

4. Create bends going down the hair as if you were creating a flipped out look.

5. Continue down the full length of your hair.

6. Now your hair should look like this.

7. Flip upside down and shake out with your fingers.

8. The patterns of the bends in your hair created totally fake layers!

9. We think the Angels would approve ;)

Which of these hair tricks is your favorite? What other hair tutorials would you like to see on Brit + Co? Talk to us in the comments below.